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DIY Heart-Attack Valentine’s

Last week during Activity Day’s the girls expressed how they would like to Heart-Attack someone for Valentine’s Day. During the leader planning meeting we went through the Faith in God book and came up with ideas which could be done and also count as passing off one of the requirements. This actually fits right in.

For this weeks activity we will be working on the following requirements:

Learning to lead music – one girl will demonstrate each activity.

Learning the song “Choose the Right” – this will be our opening song

Memorizing the 13th Article of Faith – we will recite this out loud together in opening exercises and one girl who has memorized this will come up and give tips on how she was able to do it. We will then work on practicing it for five minutes.

Serving others – requirement #3 -Make a list of the qualities you like in a person. Choose one quality to develop in yourself. Discuss how showing respect and kindness strengthens you, your family, and others.

The Compliment GameWe will be playing a game where we all sit in a circle and remove one shoe. Before the game a leader will discus how showing respect and kindness strengthens us. The girls will sit on the floor in a large circle and remove one of their shoes. We will pass around shoes in the circle while singing, “Parlez vous France La ree la ra, la rea, parlez vous France, la ree la ra, la rae”. Each go around the song is sung and shoes get passed faster and faster. After a few go arounds a leader will blow a whistle to stop and a girls name will be pulled out of a hat. The person who has that girls shoe will say three nice things about her. We will continue until all of the girls’ names are drawn. This activity will prepare the girls for what kind of things they can write on their Hearts.

After the game, we will put together Heart-Attack Valentine Day kits. These kits will be composed of 25 hearts which they can decorate and hot glue onto wooden popsicle sticks. I cut out three different sizes of hearts for variation from scrapbook paper and purchased sparkle hearts to embellish and decorate. The girls will be instructed to each take a completed kit home along with the Heart-Attack poem. They are to pray about who needs a special pick me up and anonymously give that friend, leader or teacher a Heart-Attack before or on Valentine’s Day. They can either tape them to a wall, a locker, or stick them in a yard. The 5X7 flier will be left behind. They can write a special message on the back of the flier. On each heart they can write fun qualities that they notice on the person they are giving the Heart-Attack to.

Using Cricut Explore & Valentine Scrapbook Paper the Hearts were cut out quick and easy.

Preparing for Young Women – requirement #1After studying the thirteenth article of faith, make a list of things that are uplifting and virtuous. Discuss with a parent or leader how you can seek after these things. This will be a take home sheet for the girls to fill out and home and have their parent pass off. The month of January and February we will be memorizing the 13th article of faith, so this requirement goes hand in hand with learning this.

I used this as sheet as “homework” for the girls to take home. I made it using the Rhonna App and printed them out on white card stock 5×7 size. Feel free to use this for your activity day girls.

Just for fun, I used the Rhonna app and designed an invitation to remind the girls to come. The Stake is having an activity on February 11, so this will be the last time we meet before Valentine’s Day {which is why it is being done so early}. Feel free to use the Heart-Attack flier for your girls {shown above}. I’m having mine printed at Costco in 5×7 size.

For more ideas on Faith in God Activity Day Girls activities visit:

Pedigree Charts & Treats HERE.

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