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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor using refurbished Christmas Decorations

Mirella Mirrored 54″ TV Stand/ Wreath holders HERE

When moving from Texas, I downsized all of my seasonal decor. As a matter of fact, I did not keep much at all in the form of Valentine’s Day decorations. My plan was to use some of the Christmas pieces that I have and somehow make them work to form a Valentine’s Day vignette. I don’t have the room for a lot nor the storage, so I will have to make new things each year. This is fine by me, because I absolutely love coming up with new ideas.

I left my sequins table runner up from Christmas, reused my hand-made stocking holders to hold wreaths and signs, and decorated my LED glitter tree that was on my mantel. Taking some wooden hearts {one of the few items I kept because I intended to craft with them} I simply strung them onto twine. The LOVE is an inexpensive chipboard sign that I glued gold glitter to. Using a repurposed frosted berry and gold leaf wreath I added twine to the back of the sign and hung it in the center.

What isn’t seen to the right on my fireplace mantel is another repurposed Christmas wreath and a set of Valentine pictures made from $1 gift bags {link coming soon}.

To decorate the little tree I bought red foam glitter hearts.

Using a hot glue gunhot glue sticks and jute twine
I made loops to hang them from the branches.

It only took about ten minutes to transform these sparkle hearts into ornaments. So easy and fun.

Decorating this gold tree instantly gave the Valentine vibe to my home I was looking for.

The little wooden follow your heart sign was purchased at The Dollar Tree, can you believe it?

Using a little imagination, some Christmas decor, and a few dollars–voila! I was able to give my home a little splash of LOVE.

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    July 25, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Hi! Where did you get the glitter LED tree from?!

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      July 27, 2017 at 2:26 pm

      Hi Brittany. The little glitter LED light tree is a repurposed Christmas decoration. I bought this on at Khols, however, I have seen them sold at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby too. Thanks for stopping by!

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