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DIY Glam Garlands

I made the most beautiful Glam Garlands for my daughters wedding. I strung several from a wooden closet rod, suspending it from the rafters in the ceiling. I wish I had a better photo of how it turned out, but you can see them in the very back of this picture. They were used as a photo back drop for guests at the Reception.


I also used three strands, staggering them in rows, across the gift table. I used table top wreath holders to hang them from. The result was gorgeous. They really added a flair of simple elegance to the room.


The most inexpensive way to get beautiful gold paper is to buy large sheets of poster board and spray paint them. The spray paint dries quite quickly. My favorite gold spray paint is HERE.

I then took two different sized circle punches, the Medium Circle Lever Punch and  Large Circle Lever Punch; cutting several circles out. I wanted a varying pattern on my garlands to make them more visually interesting.


To save paper I simply trimmed with my Rotary Cutter, cutting mat, and Acrylic Ruler. Using the correct tools not only makes a project look more professional, but also makes your time more efficient.



I then took fishing wire and taped it end to end across my kitchen counter. I would tape several strands at a time. I laid the circles out upside down in varying patterns. Using a low temp hot glue gun I glued tops on each of the circles, encasing the clear fishing line in between each golden dot.


I had several friends come over and help join in so that the project went more quickly.



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