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I Make My Own Luck


Thinking that my success or failure is miraculously brought by chance rather than through my own actions seems, well, like a bunch of malarkey. I believe that we make our own luck. What looks like luck to other people is, in fact, the result of good choices and hard work.

Every action has a reaction, every decision has a consequence whether it be good or bad. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” These “consequences” often can look like luck to an outsider, but the “lucky one” knows that it wasn’t serendipitous.

Next time you feel someone is luckier than you, consider this…

Receiving GOOD LUCK took rising to the occasion. It took long hours of study, years of hard work, and many sacrifices to get a college education. It took taking out those student loans and that first low paying job. It took becoming self-taught; learning, trying, and unseen failures. It took making good friends and getting yourself out there in life even when you were depressed wanted to stay in bed. It took those lay-off’s and heart-breaks to overcome and rise above. It took loving and losing to realize how to find love and win. It took continually trying and working each day on your marriage. It took unconditional love and choosing your battles. It took watching others make mistakes and doing the opposite. It took not buying that expensive outfit when you didn’t have the money. It took saying “no” when it would have been easier to say “yes”. It took working out every day. It took not eating those yummy treats even though you wanted to. It took overcoming the desires of the flesh and holding true to commitments and values. It took trying when it would have been easier to give up. It took sleepless nights of planning the next move. It took brave steps into the unknown. It took many leaps of faith. It took facing fears and doing the hardest things you have ever done.

So next time someone says “you are lucky in love, you are lucky to have your job, you are lucky you don’t have a car payment, you are lucky you don’t have credit card debt, you are lucky you are not an alcoholic, you are lucky you don’t smoke, you are lucky your husband is your best friend, you are lucky that you do what you love and earn money, you are lucky that you have a degree, you are lucky that you can buy a home, you are lucky that you don’t eat sweets, or you are lucky that you are in good shape”….

Look at them, smile, and say “I make my own luck”.

*disclaimer – I need to work on several things mentioned above to become completely “lucky in life”.

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