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I live in a 1800 square foot townhouse with 32 windows. Five of those windows are in my master bedroom, two in my master bathroom, and one of them in the master closet. Believe it or not, there is even a window in one of the showers. Sometimes I can feel, well, a bit overexposed. At night if I want to turn the heater up I sneak with new-found stealth like abilities into the loft area, which has four of its own large windows and blinds always left open, to the furnace controls. I’ve learned to be a bit sneaky in this house. It is a game of hoping no one will see me in my undies as I try to live my life comfortably. Because, to me, undies are comfy. You see, all these windows pose a problem. I love light and I want to let it in, so I often will leave my blinds open. The light from outdoors brings me joy and happiness. If I were to leave my house shut up all day long I would be missing out on one of the best things about this world, the rays of the sun.

Consider if Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is your house; you then get to choose how many windows you want to put inside. Windows which are glimpses into different areas of our life. There are the kitchen windows where we share what place we are eating at and what kind of food it is. We have the family room windows where we reveal our spouse, children, parents, and loved ones. Often times sharing the most important moments. The closet window reveals what we are wearing that day as we proudly share the new outfit or bag purchased. The bedroom windows are usually a bit more private, but sometimes we do share pillow-talk or deep thought. Then there is the bathroom and the occasional potty-talk.

So we have this house which we have built but we also want keep the blinds down as much as possible. Occasionally we will open up a window here and there and give others a glimpse into our lives. But often times we are a bit guarded in the ways we share personal things. Lets just share the joy, the happy, the perfect, the best of the best. Because seriously, Amylia, no one does want to see you in your undies. The dirty laundry is kept hidden, and with almost stealth like abilities we hide behind false pretenses and perfect pictures of beautiful lives.

But lives are beautiful. When we open our blinds and let the love of the sun inside we share the most amazing moments. These moments we share uplift and edify each other. They are the good things that truly do happen. But what is hidden is the drama that ensued over Christmas vacation and how someone went to bed feeling less. How one of the kids returned all of their gifts. How motherhood is hard and how your feet were tired feet from standing in the kitchen for hours serving the family. These are the real moments that sting a bit, the moments that are perhaps a little too close to our hearts to share.

Maybe if they were shared we wouldn’t feel so alone? Maybe we would find that others can reach out and lighten our burdens with a like, a funny comment, or even picking up the phone. Maybe we would find those few who we could truly empathize with and even grow new friendships from afar…beautiful friendships with people whom we have only virtually met. Because one thing is for certain, life is not meant to be lived alone. We are here to help, serve and strengthen one another.

This is what I have realized by leaving the blinds in my loft open. That me, you, and the lady next door are basically the same. If we look closely into each others lives I think we will see that we all are struggling and have faults but resilience to overcome. We all have beautiful happy moments that we want to share–without pretenses of showing off or ulterior motives. That we are full of love, dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow. That we want to be brave enough to open our blinds and let love and light into our lives. And it might even just be that we are all comfiest in our undies.


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    Gwendalynn Grey
    January 7, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Your sincerity and willingness to put yourself out there is a blessing to your readers. Keep sharing, I love it!!

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      January 7, 2017 at 6:07 pm

      Thank you for your kind words, they are a blessing to me.

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