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Blogging 101: Doubt and the Creative Process

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” ~Pablo Picasso

I was recently confided in by a friend that she wanted to blog for years, however, she doubted herself something terrible. I began considering the word doubt and its meaning, which is often times construed as a negative. To me, doubt is simply a hesitation, and I leave out the negative connotation. What is done in that moment of hesitation is up to the individual. One could hesitate and just not do anything, letting doubt hold them back. Or on the other hand, one could hesitate and in those moments let a solution come forth and put it to work; turning it into a positive process. 

For all my soon to be blogging friends, please know that I am cheering you on. To help in your journey I am writing a new series which will cover topics for the beginner blogger, titled Blogging 101.

The following are ten ideas that I use in my daily blogging inspiration:

  1. DIY what I am making for my home. This is instant and easy material, in fact, I have a plethora of pictures and projects which still need to be shared.
  2. Write about past personal experiences. Especially when it comes to mistakes I have made, why I see them as mistakes, and what I would do today if I could do things differently.
  3. Glean information from current events. I watch pretty much nothing but world news. This sparks thought and my thoughts are let out freely by writing. I generally blog in the morning hours between 7:00 and noon, while having the morning news channels on during my projects.
  4. Start writing even if I don’t have an idea. I begin writing what is on my mind that morning and out will come a story. Voila, easy as that. Just beginning to write, especially without a plan, are often my best pieces. I find it hard to force over-planned ideas into stories, often they do not flow well.
  5. Inspiration grows while working. When I start writing I begin thinking of five other things I would like to write about. It is amazing to me how working sparks more ideas to produce more work. I write these ideas down on a list.
  6. Be Fearless. I’m not afraid to let my readers take a peek in my world and get to know me a bit better. I actually am a pretty private person, but people feel a connection with me when they read my material. This is because I give them a very authentic picture of myself, I never lie, and I tell my true thoughts. I’m not afraid to share things about myself.
  7. Doubt. This is such a huge part of my creative process. It pushes barriers and helps me reach for more. For instance, I doubt everything, myself, my writing, the way my photos look, etc. Is it good enough? Did I do my best? Does the article have good flow? Are there grammatical errors? {The answers are yes, yes, and YES}.
  8. Embrace being far from perfect. This is okay. I’ll just do my best with what I have right now. The more I write, the better I get and I can see growth as I look back into past articles. I am a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with that.
  9. Passionate. This is important to me. Since I started blogging daily and looked at it as a full-time job, inspiration has flowed more than ever before. I want to post daily and even sometimes twice a day. I want to do more, be more, and most important I want to give more.
  10. Have fun & do what you Love.  I’d rather do this than almost anything. The key for me is that I could write and write and I don’t know why, but it never gets old. It is a deep innate desire within. I feel it is never satisfied. It is my favorite thing to do and what I love most.

The Truth: Over eight years ago I started a little blog title “Chatzki Chix” where I shared creations and altered art I made. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t share it with hardly anyone. It was my little secret. I was almost ashamed of it, worried what people would think. I also let being a mom and other responsibilities hold me back. But I knew, inside, that somehow this little blog was fulfilling a part of me that had been crammed deep down and almost forgotten. Instead of embracing that fear and doubt I let it overcome me and eventually stopped blogging, forgot my password, and that was that. But then those feelings that I needed to be blogging started to rise again, so I began a new blog titled “I’m Amylia”, and then a third “Quite Contemporary”, and finally–after seven years of blogging inconsistently, I formed this website. I have now had this site for nearly one year. I have learned so much from this process. One is to truly embrace doubt. Another is to finally fully embrace and love me and who I am. All the quirky, imperfect, crazy things about me. It is what makes me unique and there is no one else like me. And isn’t that a wonderful thing? You can ready my journey to blogging HERE.

My Two Cents: If you want to start a blog and you have doubts that you cannot do it, that you are not good enough, that there is no way anyone would want to look at or read your creations…YOU ARE WRONG. I truly feel that this doubt and those voices in your head are put there for a reason. This reason is so that we can overcome ourselves. It is a very normal part of the journey. It gives us every reason not to begin when the universe is telling us to go for it. Often times we hold ourselves back by believing the nonsense.

Consider why you want to start a blog. If this desire keeps coming up and you keep shoving it away I fear that you will regret not starting. The fact is, not everyone will make it blogging. But who cares? The beauty is in the journey and actually doing something that you love, trying, learning, and overcoming…growing into a better you.

Instead of seeing doubt as a negative, see doubt for what it truly is, a hesitation. Don’t let life push pause on your dreams. Get up and do something about it. Let doubt push you, mold you, and help you strive to be better. Learn to overcome it, see it as part of the creative process. And while doing so, I promise you will be better for it. More creativity will flow, you will gain self confidence, and before you know it you will truly learn to love yourself. The best part is that you will look at doubt in a different way, not just when it comes to blogging, but in ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE.

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