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Blogging 101: Why I Do Not Use Blogger

Do you want to start a blog but are unsure how to begin? Perhaps you know so little that you are afraid you will pick the wrong platform or do something incorrectly? Maybe you just need someone to go through the steps with you? Maybe you would like to hear someone’s story to give you confidence? Regardless of your reason or question, I am here to help.

For all my soon to be blogging friends, please know that I am cheering you on. To help in your journey I am writing a new series which will cover topics for the beginner blogger, titled Blogging 101.

When I started my first blog, about eight years ago, I visited Google and set up a FREE blogspot address through blogger. Everyone was doing it like that back then and it was pretty easy and straight forward. Blogger has many templates to choose from and it is a simple platform. As a matter of fact, I began all three of my first blogs that way.

A few years after I started posting, I began noticing something and it made me a little peeved. Google began running banner ads across my website WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and started highlighting key words that I HAD WRITTEN linking to other sites. Like it or not, Google was making money on MY SITE and there was nothing I could do about it.

I started looking into the contract and in fact, it states, that they can do this. I knew from a past experience that they could if I purchased my URL from them, but had no idea that they could do this on blogspot. The reason they started running ads was because my site had started to draw a lot of traffic. My articles became a means for them to make money.

I am extremely grateful for what had happened to me when setting up my Quite Contemporary blog. I want to share my story with you, even if you may not believe in divine intervention or spiritual inspiration, I feel that there is a lesson to be gleaned.

My Story:

About five years ago I quit my full-time job and began two months of meditation, fasting, cleansing, and a journey to heal. During this time I prayed a lot. I asked for direction. The answer was that I was to share inspiration and my talents in the form of blog. This is something I had attempted to begin before. I had started a blog three years prior where I shared DIY’s, but working and taking care of kids put that dream on hold. I soon forgot the password to not only the blog but my email address tied to that blog. I could never access it again so all was lost.

Right after I quit my job I started a blog called I’m Amylia. This was where I wrote stories, no DIY’s here. It was a place to share my thoughts and experiences. When I prayed about this new blog specifically I was inspired to eventually have a website. I could see it in visions and I knew at that time that it would eventually help people, which is my favorite thing to do. However, I also knew that I needed to take baby steps as to not become overwhelmed. There was a lot going on in my life at that time, being a mother of five, but it was important for me to secure the first steps to make the dream possible. One of those steps was to purchase my URL. I felt my deceased grandma Mary with me in spirit; and thus the name of my site was inspired…Mary, Mary, Quite Contemporary. Grandma had always loved me unconditionally and read me Mother Goose nursery rhymes when I was little. I love contemporary advice and design and so the name fit. I wanted my site to be a garden of inspiration that I could share with the world around me.

I set up a free blogspot www.quitecontemporary.blogspot.com. When doing the set up, there is a place where you can very conveniently and easily turn your blogspot directly into a dot-com through Google for only $10 a year. I used the little search bar provided and to my surprise and delight Quitecontemporary.com was available. I grabbed my credit card and put in the information, but the card wouldn’t work. I entered it again, but to no avail, my visa charge would not go through. I logged into my bank and checked the balance of my account. Indeed, I had more than enough money to pay the  fee.

When I went back to the page I noticed, in very small writing, a disclaimer. This was something that normally I would not have seen, but given the situation my eyes were drawn to it. There it was spelled out, that if I purchased my dot-com this way through blogger that Google would have full rights to any and all advertising income. In other words, I would not be able to monetize my website.

Knowing that this was such a close call I visited the GoDaddy website and purchased my URL. Not to my amazement, my visa card went through just fine. But now what? I already had my blog on blogger, which was fine. Thank goodness I did not purchase my URL from them. I researched and found out that I could, indeed, when the time was right, forward my blogspot to a purchased URL address. This would then give me full control over my work. Even though it would be another four years before I decided to use the URL I purchased and monetize my website, I had made a very good choice (with a lot of help from a very special angel).

I know that Grandma Mary was with me that day and blocked the charge from going through, as the process would have been irrevocable, and I would have had to change my URL along with my newly inspired business name.

I would like to be your angel today and advise you not to purchase your URL through blogger if you would like to eventually make money off of your blog.

What to do:

If you have already started a blogspot that is fine, however do not buy your URL through them. They will email you and try to get you to do it. You will see it every time you log in to post on your blog. If you have a blogspot and have purchased your URL through them, then buy a new URL through Go Daddy. This will require a name change, but at least you will have control of your own blog and monetizing it. I will explain how your blogspot can be forwarded to your WordPress and then your new URL, where you then can have full control.

My website developer advised me to purchase my interfaces from different companies, so that is what I did. I use and love Bluehost, click HERE for more info on this subject.

If you have not set up a blog account or want to start a fresh slate I highly recommend using WordPress. I will walk you through how to set this up HERE.

I can’t wait to share all the deets with you. Before you know it, you will be on your way blogging and if you so choose, making some money off of your written words and creations.

*Quite Contemporary is part of affiliate programs and some of the links on this article may be affiliate generated.

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