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Dear Monday, Go Step On A Lego…

Last night I sat in my favorite chair, in my favorite room, on my very favorite day. It was glorious. Nothing pressing to do. But then I looked at the time and noticed it moving ever forward to the inevitable….

“I don’t want Sunday to end”

I thought in my head.

Thinking about tomorrow,

“Oh Monday–I wish you were dead.”

“Your mood is not good,”

D exclaimed as he headed for bed.

“Maybe I’m PMS-ing” I cried

as I pulled the covers up over my head.

I could not sleep,

so I wrote this note instead…

Feeling I had won, if only for a moment

I fell asleep…until I had to pee.

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning,

“good golly, oh gee”

I rolled out of bed, stood up,

and as I rushed across the floor;

the tender part of my foot stepped on something…

I looked down and realized

the joke was on ME.

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