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How to Decorate a Happy Space in your Home

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This is the sitting area in my master bedroom and as it turns out I find myself drawn to spending hours working here each day. Perhaps it is the way the room fills with the most warm and pleasing light. Maybe it is the fact that these are the only pieces of furniture moved with us from Texas and my favorite chairs. It could be the beautiful huge wool rug I happened to find one day and knew it was made just for me. Regardless, I find myself sitting here again today–although there is a perfectly beautiful office in the room next door. Creativity flows and inspiration abounds here, because this is my HAPPY SPACE.

How to Design a Happy Space…

Take time and “feel” what will work in the space. When moving into a new space I find it is always important to take time and really feel what will work. Think about the light in the room. If it is a dark space one wouldn’t want to use dark materials to fill it up. A lighter color on the walls and window treatments would work best. Consider the flow of the room. One may also want to look into Feng Shui, which is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Begin with color. This is important. What is the color scheme which will be represented? In this space it was easy. I had the two gray chairs and the cream color walls with white trim. I already loved the quality of light and brightness of the room and didn’t want to change the paint. Therefore, the colors used were easy to choose; cream, gray and white with a splash of honey colored wood {represented in the flooring}.

Decorate with things that are loved. I think this is so important. If you don’t love it, then do not buy it and certainly do not use it just because you have it. You just will not be happy with the end result. How do you know that you love it? Things you love are generally things that you know you cannot live without or that you know that the space would never be the same without it. For instance, the rug I purchased was seen while browsing at Home Goods. I brought D back that very night because if it sold to someone else I knew I would regret it. Sometimes if unsure, sleeping on it or waiting a few days before the purchase is always a good idea.

Take time to “fill” the space, keeping in mind the color scheme. Often times good design doesn’t happen over night. It is achieved by adding piece by piece over time to make a cohesive statement. For instance, I love the juxtaposition of the honey color wood floors with the gray, cream, and white. It adds a warmth and an opposite. When looking for a small computer stand I ultimately loved how the one chosen had the same honey colored wood as the flooring and the inlay shell finish on top has the grey, cream and white. The same was done when using my older mirror in this space; it is an antique metallic gold finish which is a play on every color in the room–the honey of the flooring, the gray, and the cream. I am still filling this space, as a matter of fact, this space is far from finished. I am adding more window treatments, a television stand, and wall decor. Finding each piece to add takes time and I am at ease knowing that I am in no hurry. The wonderful part is that when you “see” or “happen upon” the perfect addition you will know it was made for your space. That is the time to make the purchase. I find that forced purchases rarely turn out as nice.

Loving this space the most in my home proves to me that often times when decorating, simple is best. One doesn’t need several chatzki’s or items filling up a space to be happy. In fact, the less clutter, the more freeing. Being kept clean, my mind is then able to focus on the task at hand. Having less means there is less to clean and take care of. Work becomes more enjoyable in a space which is loved. The soul is filled with delight and happiness in a favorite space. Life is just all around better in a happy space. I’d love to see the happiest space in your home, please share in the comments.

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