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The Insignificance of Me

Recently I looked up the world population and my heart skipped a beat. I have heard the numbers before, but looking at them on my computer screen took me by surprise as reality set in. There are over 325 million people in the United States, 1.7 billion people in China and another 1.6 billion in India. Those are only three countries. India alone quadruples the amount of people in the U.S.

The sheer realization of the numbers settled into my brain and I soon felt overcome with a certain amount insignificance. This earth holds 7 billion. I began to become overcome with the reality of the poverty, crime, and sadness in the world. I began to feel empathetic for the sheer number of souls who may be suffering. Feeling defeated and pointless I thought, “I am nothing. I am but a small speck, a tiny little inconsequential mark on the earth. Nothing I do makes a difference or matters in the big picture of this extensive world.”

Because it is hard for me to stay in the low-vibration of destitution and defeat, like on auto-pilot, my thoughts slowly headed upwards. “Why was I lucky enough to be born in the United States? Why did God send me here of all places? Is there a purpose for me? Is there a reason that I am here, on this very day, in my nice, warm, home where my troubles are trivial? Is there a reason that I was born into privilege and that God blessed me with a husband who loves me and takes care of my needs? Is there a reason why I am feeling empathy for my fellow brothers and sisters on this earth–those who I don’t even know. Why do I love them and want to help them?”

Then it hit me. It came like a vision out of the depths of sorrow my soul was feeling. The weight on my shoulders lifted as I realized with all the faith I had, so much that it was as sure as knowing, that God himself sent me here with a mission. Not only me did he send me, but sent YOU here with one too. It is up to us to go through the punches of life to twist and mold ourselves into being who He wants us to become. During this transition we ultimately find and uncover this purpose. Through this journey we become more in tune with our calling. We are all here to accomplish something different. If we don’t rise to the call then someone else will. One thing is for sure, that we are here to help one another on this big vast planet where life can all too easily seem meaningless.

I was again reminded, with certainty and clarity that was as clear as the world population numbers written on my computer screen. It was something that I always knew–that life certainly is more than me. That is the way it is supposed to be. It is you. It is the people I have not met. It is the people I’m destined to somehow connect with. Today I find a new-found energy knowing that I won’t give up, despite the struggles, hurt or heartache I may encounter. I’ve decided that I won’t waste a day being sad or upset because there is always a greater purpose than myself. And that purpose is waiting for me to grab onto it and run.

Also, it doesn’t really matter where I fit into the huge big scheme of life. What matters is that I hearken to the call. That I walk towards the promptings that come. That I do the best with what I am given. Because I am, after all, just one woman out of a billion and each of us are equally as important. Each of us deserves happiness. It is not about me, it is about us. Let’s hold hands and walk together to make an even a small, seemingly insignificant, difference.

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