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The Amazing Reasons Why I Joined Scentsy

Yesterday I did something pretty awesome…I JOINED SCENTSY!

Why I joined Scentsy:

Four years ago I met Super Star Director Heather Earl when I moved to Dallas, Texas. We became the kind of friends which become more than friends. The ones that become a part of your life and are more like family. Through her, I would soon also form beautiful friendships with Becca Levie and Kallie Pettichord. All three ladies are Scentsy inspirations and kindred spirits.

Through the years Heather never pushed Scentsy on me, and as a matter of fact, she never asked me to join. However, since I was her good friend I saw a lot of the business side of things and even went to a few of her Scentsy meetings and parties she had for her downline. I also enjoyed hosting parties for her because I love the product so much.

During the past four years I noticed several things about the Scentsy business that stuck out. One is that Scentsy is a pretty amazing business with an interface that promotes giving back, inclusion, sisterhood, and love. No one who is a part of this business is left feeling anything other than better about themselves. Their lives are impacted with positivity and joy after association with the business, the amazing people who also sell Scentsy, as well as with the product.

I started thinking more about the concept of being a woman who has the opportunity to be a part of a business that is grounded on the principles of giving back and gratitude. Then I thought, who doesn’t want their home to smell so good you could eat the air; to smell so clean you might just be tempted to lick the sink; or have clothes that smell deliciously refreshing after being washed that you never want to take them off? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so delightful? Well count me in because I want all of those things.

After four years of watching Heather leaving for fun retreats and trips, after buying Scentsy products continually–especially Honey Pear Cider in the Fall, Snowy Spruce at Christmas, and Luna in the Spring and Summer…well, I decided to join. The timing was right and I really saw no negative by adding this into my life.

Through several years of learning and set-backs which turned into growth; my husband and I have learned that securing life with several streams of income is the the best way to financial security. If one is laid-off from a job or something happens beyond your control, it is nice to still have income from a different source. Scentsy is a way that I can provide yet another stream of income to our family, thus more stabilization. It is a business where I can control and put as much or as little work in as I so choose.

I am excited to grow my own team to work with, to share inspiration, friendships, and walk together in this journey of life.

If you are reading this and want to join my team give me a holler! We’d have so much fun together!

Here are the deets on joining….

  • Its only $99 to join 

  • Get a huge kit with everything you need to begin your journey

  • You only have to sell $200 in product every 3 months to remain active

  • They sell beautiful diffuser’s for all of our DoTerra friends

  • Get a Scentsy website for easy ordering

  • You get to work with ME!! 😍

So you may be asking…will I still be blogging? The answer is YESSS because Scentsy easily fits in my current lifestyle and there is not a conflict of interest. I can still write, design & DIY. Win-win! In fact, Scentsy easily fits into any busy mom’s, full-time, part-time, or retired lifestyle. It is the perfect way to create a new and easy income stream in your life.

You may be wondering if my cute new saying and design as shown above will become a new tee-shirt? YESSS it will…link coming soon!

If you want to order some amazing products from me my Scentsy website is HERE. It will also soon be linked in the sidebar of my website. I truly appreciate you supporting my new venture and better yet, if you want to work with me you can sign up under me by clicking HERE.

A little bit more to get to know me better:

I’ve been married to my best friend for 24 years. Together we raised five children in Seattle, but a few years ago our lives were turned upside down and we landed right side up in Dallas. We lived there for four years and recently just relocated back West to beautiful Reno, Nevada. I love to write, decorate, design, event plan, and my favorite is to have my house to smell absolutely delightful with Scentsy. I find that melting a little wax square each day can turn the mood in my home from BLAH to YIPEE in two minutes flat!

I have a heart of truth and have increasingly felt a burning desire to share these truths with the world around me. I have a thing or two to say about almost everything, as I have endured many trials in my life, and like to share things I have learned along the way. Some call me blunt, other’s call me funny, but most will agree that I like to cut through the chase and get down to the nitty-gritty on many subjects. Laughter is my drug of choice and I love nothing better than giving back, spreading inspiration, and seeing others succeed.


I love making friends and am excited for the opportunity that joining Scentsy has given me to do this. I am looking for a fun team to work with and would love nothing more than having you walk along side me on this journey. Please contact me by clicking HERE if you would like to join my team!


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