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Dear Monday, Namast’ay in Bed


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Dear Monday,

Did you know that you ruin everything? I had a great thing going for a while there. It was called Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. But this morning you have me all like Namast’ay in bed.

You come barging in at the most inconvenient time. When you peeked your head up at midnight you saw that I was still awake because Sunday so lovingly gave me a nap. I begged you not to come. But like a bull in a china cabinet, you still arrived, blaring the alarm right when I was in the deepest sleep. So there we met, the two of us, in the wee hours of the morning. I pushed snooze to forget about you and give a futile attempt at finishing a most beloved dream. But it didn’t last, only eight minutes to be exact.

Directly after the second alarm I made my way out of bed and into the loft. My eyes glazed with sleep I headed for the kitchen when I immediately slipped down the wood staircase. I hit the first rung so hard that it cracked my tailbone, at which time I continued my graceful slide, using my back as a sled. When I finally stopped on the landing I cried out in pain, “Oh Monday, how I hate you.”

But even then you did not stop tormenting me. I have a to do list a page long with your name on the top. “You’ve got to do this, remember to do that, oh and please don’t forget…” I hear you nagging in my head over and over and over. Yet, there is no rest for the weary. Even for those with a broken tail bone and especially not to those who hate Mondays.

You see, I also have a teen who hates you just as much as me. He never wants to get up on your day of the week. When he does I find you have morphed my sweet boy into a wicked and grumpy human being. It is lovely, Monday, how you seem to affect everyone with your charms.

But guess what, Monday? There may be five freaking days until Friday night, you’ve wasted no time reminding me of that, but tomorrow will come. It will come regardless of lists with your name on top, regardless of falls with your name to blame, and regardless of grumpy teens who hate you just the same.

So let’s make a truce, you and I. An ending to the Monday madness. I’ll give you today, you’ve got today down pat. But I get the rest of the week, there’s no doubt about that.

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  • Reply
    Wendy Tomlinson
    March 6, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    I so love my bed. Although I make myself get up with the first alarm, purely because if I don’t my son won’t bother getting up either and then we have a nightmare start to the day.

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      March 6, 2017 at 4:12 pm

      Agreed, not getting up on time IS the worst nightmare start to the day! Thanks for commenting. Oh, and Happy Monday!! 🙂

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