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How to Simplify Moving

Moving is never easy, especially if one owns a lot of “stuff”. The very thought of putting everything into boxes, loading them into a truck, unloading the truck, and unpacking is enough to decide not to move. However, one can make the entire process easier by downsizing and eliminating before moving. Believe me, I have done it. Or, at least I thought I had. However, even after down-sizing prior, when I got to our new home, I found myself getting rid of even more. I’d like empower you and share what I have learned on my journey of simplifying before moving.

Moving is a great opportunity to look at our life and determine what we would like to change. The opportunity to turn a new leaf is within grasp. It is a fun and exciting time, setting up and decorating a new space. The idea of a clean and organized home that is easily manageable appeals to everyone. I like to remind people that the refiners fire of simplifying ones life will mould and change their life for the better. Everything that we own we are indentured servants to. We must carry the burden of taking care of them. Each item owned takes up space and time in our mind. This is just one reason why simplifying and eliminating is so liberating. If you are looking for a clean slate and a fresh new start in your new home then you have come to the right place.

The following are areas of a home to go through BEFORE MOVING. Not only will completing this list save loads of time and energy, but also save money. Yes, MONEY…consider how much can be saved on renting a smaller truck or paying for less help loading and unloading. Consider earning tax-free money by selling items you feel have value but no longer need. Consider blessing another life through charity. While doing this also blessing yours, because the more you give the more you receive. Less really then, becomes more. {Hover on each category for more info on each topic}

  • Storage Unit
  • Clothing
  • Linen Closets, Bedding, Pillows
  • Coats, Clothes, Shoes
  • Bathroom Supplies and Towels
  • Bedrooms, Chatzki’s, Toys
  • Livingroom, Media, Games
  • Garage, Paint, Chemicals, Tools
  • Office, Craft, Sewing, Hobbies
  • Kitchen, Dishes, Utensils, Food
  • Seasonal Decor
  • Cars, Motorcycles, Large Toys
  • Selling, Donating
  • Packing Tips & Tricks

This list can seem daunting, so take your time when planning each task. I feel it is reasonable to give each topic listed one week to accomplish. When truly simplifying and eliminating my kitchen to the bare essentials, what I thought would take one day took seven. The same was with each area of my home that I went through. Part of this is because eliminating and simplifying takes an incredible amount of personal bravery. Give yourself time to move through the process.

That being said, jump right in today. I mean it, start eliminating today. The process takes a lot longer than you can even imagine. Part of this is because as humans we easily attach ourselves to things. We work hard and spend our hard earned money on items which then often become more valuable to us than to anyone else. Do you have things that you really don’t want or need but they cost a lot of money so you keep them? I think we all do. Therefore, you’ll have to give yourself time to sell the things which you feel can’t be parted with unless you are making a buck. When push comes to shove, in the end, you’ll need to have the time to finally get up the courage to donate that which didn’t sell.

After going through each task listed above I guarantee that your move will be smooth sailing. You won’t have much at all to pack, tape, and carry into the moving van. When you do get to your new home, especially if you are downsizing, you will be grateful that you did the hard stuff first. Now everything you unpack will easily fit and have a home in your new space. Organization will come quite effortlessly because you only have what you need and you only need those items you use. You’ll be happy that you simplified before moving.

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