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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color in a Room

Paint color can really impact the mood and overall feel in a home. What I love about my house is that it is deliciously bright with tons of windows. However, the flax color tufted headboard in my bedroom was left looking dull against the wall {which was the same color} with no figure ground relationship. Look at the amazing change the perfect shade of gray made, it actually brightened the headboard, while not darkening the bedroom.

Before: No figure / ground relationship between the headboard and the wall. Both being the same color the headboard looks dull and lifeless.

After: Painting a soft gray on the wall brightens up the headboard and gives a figure / ground relationship without darkening the space. In fact, the gray color brightens the room.

When choosing a gray color for this space I considered all of the elements in my bedroom. The gray details in the carpet, the darker gray in my bedding, gray of my accent chairs, the flax headboard, the warm flooring, the side tables and cabinet. What I didn’t want was a dark gray wall or one that clashed with the other grays in the bedroom. I also did not want to darken the room, but rather find a very soft gray that was warm instead of cool. To achieve this I looked at gray’s with a warm brown undertone rather than a cool purple base. Finding and matching the darkest gray in the bedroom and moving up the color chart is an easy way to make sure the colors would not clash. Because I left the rest of my walls the bright flax color I also made sure that they spoke the same language. This often is achieved by using the same base color and undertones.

The sitting area in my Master Bedroom. I used the gray colors in the chairs and rug as inspiration when choosing the accent color behind the headboard.

Normally I do not like to give friends the name of the colors that I have used in my home. This is not for reasons that one may think…I am not trying to hide or horde a good color all to myself. Rather, I would love to help a friend pick the perfect color that works in their space. Throwing a color up on a wall that one likes without taking in consideration all of the other elements in the room is what my husband {who has a Master’s in Architecture & Interior Design} likes to term as “backwards design”. Often times the color in my home just will not look the same in another because the trim is a different color, the flooring is not the same, so on and so forth. This being said, I am still going to share the color that I used. I just give this warning–beware of backwards design!

The color I used on my wall is called Fossil Grey by Glidden. I took in a swatch, had it color matched, and used my favorite brand of paint from Home Depot called Marquee. This paint is infused with titanium for a very long-lasting and superior coverage. It is a one coat paint. When I say this, I can attest that this is indeed true. One gallon of this paint is $50, however, the cost is offset by the fact that there is much more coverage. I always use flat paint, as I feel gloss should only be used on lips. The clean look and even coverage of flat paint gives a sophisticated appearance that can’t be achieved by using a semi-gloss or gloss paints.

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Happy Painting!!


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