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Pre-Diabetes Health & Weight Loss Plan

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Today you will find me at the same place…again. For twenty years I have fought with my weight. I have tried every diet out there. As a matter of fact, I have successfully dieted my way to my highest weight. It has been sort of a game, a tug-of-war. Lose, gain, lose, and gain even more. Yes, I certainly have serious food and dieting issues. Just when it seems I was embracing this fact and okay with it something happened. I got the blow of a life-time. My blood work came back pre-diabetic. I am in big trouble if I don’t change things because one fact is certain, I do not want diabetes.

With this latest news I have decided to be brutally honest with myself. If I don’t want to end up on a table getting weight loss surgery then something has to change, and fast. The first thing I recognize is that I need professional help, this is bigger than me, and this is more than I can take on alone. The second thing to confront is that I have serious food addictions. The third skeleton in the closet is confronting the fact that I just don’t enjoy exercising.

I have read every book out there on weight loss and diet. If it has been published I have read it, tried it, done it. So the hardest part for me with getting professional advice is not thinking that someone is full of shit. Here is what I do know, that every diet will work if you stick to it—FOREVER. If you can’t eat that way forever then perhaps it isn’t worth your time. I am saying this from personal experience. Because once you go back to eating your own “normal” all that hard-earned weight loss will quickly come back on. Furthermore, if you are one of the lucky ones like me, you will gain ten to twenty pounds more.

So what is a over-weight girl, faced with diabetes, who doesn’t really like to exercise, and who’s only vice is food, to do? Well, after talking to my doctors I have a plan. I call this is my “I Have Serious Issues” plan. otherwise know as “My Pre-Diabetic Health & Weight Loss Plan”. I am sharing so that if one of my friends {readers} finds themselves going through this that they won’t feel alone. I have been feeling very alone the past two weeks since my diagnosis and I would do anything to help someone in my same shoes. These are the steps I have taken:

Seek Professional Help. I am seeing my primary doctor, an endocrinologist for my pre-diabetes and weight loss, as well as a professional nutritionist. I see my nutritionist once a week and am then held accountable. I will trust these professionals and not fall into the trap that I know more than them. Even though I may have tried it before, I will take their advice and put it to work. This advice includes obtaining the knowledge of what my resting metabolic rate is, how many calories per day I can eat to get to my goal weight, and how much I need to exercise each day. The hope is that if I am able to drop 20-30 pounds my body will adjust and I will not have to take medications for diabetes. I have three months to test this theory. That is the date where my blood work will be tested again and one thing I have learned is that A1C’s do not lie.

Track Everything. Using My Fitness Pal app, I will log every calorie I eat and every exercise I do. This will give me a look into changes that need to be made and what exactly I am doing wrong. Having someone else see my food choices each week may bring new light and advice into my situation. The biggest part here is that I will begin a new relationship with food where I think about what I eat as far as the health benefits and macros. I will see my complete nutrition per day broken down into categories. I will see how long it takes to burn 200 calories. Perhaps I will decide that eating that nutty buddy isn’t worth it. One can hope?

Fine Tune Food. I know that popcorn with butter and sea salt every night isn’t going to get me to my goal. But this eating healthy is hard stuff for me. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I generally adhere to a higher law of living. I try to be better than I was the year before. Except with food. I have let food become the one vice I turn to. It is the one thing that I do wrong and it only affects me. Because of this mentality I have succeeded at getting fat and staying fat. It is time to make some changes and hold my health to a higher standard. I’ve learned a lot over the past twenty years. I will take what I know and clean up my diet, catering it to what I like and what will work for me. I know it is going to be hard and I will forgive myself when I make mistakes. However, each week I will attempt to become healthier with food choices, being very cognizant as to what I am putting into my body.

Not worry about pounds lost. This is huge for me. I generally like diets where I can see extreme weight losses of one pound a day. I promise this time to worry about the scale and concentrate on health instead of numbers. Yes, it may take longer. But the hope is that my food choices will reverse diabetes and the weight lost will stay off forever. No more fad diets that promise things that can be obtained but not maintained.

New Relationship with Exercise. Instead of thinking I don’t have time to exercise one or two hours a day (because really who does unless you do that for a living), I will look at exercise in a different way. I will add in walks with friends for fun. I will add in time with my son by going to the gym together. I will join the yoga class offered in my neighborhood gym three mornings a week, maybe even making new friends along the way. I will try new things like swimming laps, and see if I like them. If I do not like them then I will try something else. There has to be some sort of exercise that I will love. I just need to find it. So for a few weeks my quest will be finding what works for me.

Journal. I am going to be doing a video journal once a week as well as writing down my feelings daily. This will help with the psychological issues that appear when going through weight loss and food issues. It will also allow me to see my progress. I will have something to go back to when times are hard and see that I did even harder things and can get through whatever new little bump in the road has shown up.

Read more. I mentioned that I have read and tried practically every diet book out there. But this time I am going to concentrate on self-help and how to books. I have already found a few that I am beginning with. I am including these books in the links below. As a side note, I love my audible app. I listen to 80% of the books I read. This is because I am incredibly busy and love to multitask. As I am preparing meals and making delicious dinners for my family you will find me reading at the same time…aka listening. As I am blogging I am listening to podcasts and news. As I am exercising I am learning more and more. They say that knowledge is power. This little app is power at your fingertips. *all of the books listed are available on audible

I will be sharing some of my video diaries and hard weeks along the way. Join me as I go through dealing with a pre-diabetes diagnosis and work my way through what may or may not happen next. 

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  • Reply
    March 23, 2017 at 10:11 am

    You are amazing. You’ve got this. Something I found is finding an exercise class you enjoy and then make sure you can attend it the 3 times a week it is offered. It may mean trying every class. I loved Spinning/piyo combo. 30 minutes spinning and then 30 minutes piyo. I also loved this yoga stretch class that I would go to after a boot camp class. Best hour class ever. A treadmill sucks so find some fun classes and then make your day revolve around that time. You may for the first couple of weeks end up taking 2 classes to get them all in to see what you like but quickly you’ll know if it’s for you. Zumba is fun but I am a huge believer in a good instructor. So if you like that find one you enjoy. I am cheering you on and excited to see you succeed.

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      March 23, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      Thank you Angelene! This time it is different because I have no choice but to make changes with my diagnosis. Time to buck up. I will try all of the classes at the gym…I promise! 😉

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