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30 Day Plan to a Spotless Home without Killing yourself or Selling your Soul


Keeping a clean house is not for the faint of heart or for the average man. Just kidding, but ladies you know what I mean. We have proven time and time how much strength, endurance, and most of all, how much patience we have. When my husband comes home from work his socks come off next to his favorite place to sit. There they lay on the hardwood floor for DAYS until I finally say something {probably not so very nice}, throw my hands up into the air while holding said socks, and literally toss them 25 feet into the laundry room. No joke, 25 feet.

When my kids were little I tried, oh how I tried to keep the house clean. But the toys, toys, toys and when they were in bed all the noise, noise, noise, cleaning would make. I’d like to pat my back right now and say I did a pretty good job and take a moment to pause in reflection and solidarity of those days gone by….

Okay, that was long enough. I’d never go back to cleaning in those days. Glad it is over.

GOODBYE cleaning up after little kids and HELLO cleaning up after nasty teenage boys and husbands that can’t toss their socks 25 feet into the hamper.

At the end of the day there is one thing that saves me and it is this schedule. I can divvy out the chores and keep my mind sane knowing that when staying on this plan every inch of the house will be touched and cleaned at least once a month.

No more teenagers not changing their sheets for several months, leaving food on plates to rot and mold in their bedroom, or letting the dust pile up so high it has become a mound of dirt covering their entire bedroom. Only to be discovered when I go on the hunt for missing dishes or accidentally walk past while the door is open. Later sadly realizing the stench has somehow now permeated into the very paint on the walls and things will never be the same.

No more toilets in the second and third bathrooms stained beyond recognition because you never look at them unless someone is coming to visit. At which time you are left crying for an hour while taking a pumice stone to the ceramic throne. No more killing yourself to somehow clean the cushions that are covered in six inches of prickly dog hair while hastily deciding you never wanted a couch {or a dog} in the first place. No more selling your soul to hire a house keeper or threatening the kids with their lives if they don’t pitch in and help.

Plain and simple, this plan has literally saved my life. And my husbands. And the teenagers. And the dogs…

I know you want this in your life. So here it is…

You can download this plan for FREE here: 

30 days to a spotless home chart pdf

How it works:

The first column is what is to be done every day. Lets pretend it is Monday. On Monday I would make my bed, do the dishes, and sweep. Then I would add the Weekly column for Monday which is scrubbing the bathrooms, vacuuming, watering plants and grocery shopping. Because it is the first Monday of the month I would then add in ironing for the “monthly task”.

Feel free to move the chores around to days of the week which better suit your family. Our family likes to have weekends open to play so the only chores that need to be done are kids’ bedrooms and that is generally just supervised or checked by me.

I suggest divvying out the chores so it isn’t overwhelming. Remember the Lord said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” I translate this as “It is not good that the woman should do all the work alone. I will make a husband to help her”. {insert cheeky grin}

The Best Part:

When starting this 30 Day Plan it may seem like a lot of work. But when it swings around to the next month things will be a breeze. Every part of your home will be clean and organized so the up keep is quite easy. I promise!

Next month you will be having lunch with your friends and they will ask you how your new 30 day plan to a spotless home is working and you will exclaim, “I like it a lot!”

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