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12 Genius Ways to use Room Dividers in Home Decor

Barn doors have been all the craze. I love them, but there is one problem…they are expensive…and I am a decorating cheapskate. I wanted to hang some in my entryway but the price made it out of the question. I thought, what could I use instead which would achieve a look just as dramatic and fun? One day I was shopping and saw the most beautiful room divider. My mind came alive with the possibilities.

Here are 12 amazing ways to use Room Dividers in your Home Decor and How to achieve the look.

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  • Entryway Decor – Remove the hinges, add hanging hardware, and hang on the wall. Finish off with a wreath.

  • For a Photo Collage – Remove the hinges, add hanging hardware, and hang on the wall. Use drape pins as hardware for an open screen design to easily attach picture frames.

  • Headboard for Bed – Keep as one piece, add hanging hardware on the ends, as well straight brackets to stabilize the screen so it will not fold. Hang on the wall behind the bed.

  • Patio Decor – Use as a trellis along the outside wall of your home. Separate, attach hanging hardware, set planters below.

  • Changing area – screen off a fun little space in your master bedroom as a changing area, just like the old movies.

  • Home Office Area – Use as a divider in the corner or by a desk. Design a little station with a calendar, memo board, or vision board by attaching with drape pins.

  • As a Room Divider – Separate and attach to either side of the wall to define an entry into an interior space.

  • Hung as a Door to the Closet – Remove hardware, Take slats and add new hardware, attach to closet instead of traditional closet doors.



  • Hung as sliders to the Pantry in the Kitchen – Want to add flair to your kitchen? Use two panels as a new door into the pantry. Add hardware and wheels to the bottom.

  • Hang as screens that close off interior windows.

Here are a few of my Favorite Room Dividers to use in Home Decor.

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    Aarsun Woods
    May 2, 2017 at 4:16 am

    With the help of the above Room Dividers one can easily divide a room. We also have similar room dividers that are floor or hanging based made in premium quality wood. Moreover, these room dividers can also be shifted from one room to another as per your need.

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      Amylia Coover
      May 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm

      I love your room dividers, they are gorgeous! Thank you

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