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Activity Day Girls: Articles of Faith Memorization Activity

Sometimes the best laid plans go by the wayside and so it was with Activity Day Girls a few weeks ago. Last month our third helper was called to teach Primary, so that left only two of us ladies to the devices of 22 girls ages 8 through 11. Now there are some great things about this age. First of all they mind (for the most part), they all love to come to activities, and they are all extremely energetic.

We had a huge activity planned in where the girls were going to make skirts to wear to a 50’s Soc Hop. But last weeks Tithing lesson teamed up with making Tithing jars made us think twice about moving forward with what was coming next. Too many girls, too little leaders = disaster. We have decided that to follow through with doing something on such a large-scale would need to wait until we had a third helper back on board.

So, back to the drawing board it was. I keep feeling how important it is for the girls to each memorize the Articles of Faith. I remember back when I was in Merry Miss and learning all of them. It may not have been the most fun activity, but I carry this knowledge with me still today. Earlier this year we put together little laminated flip charts they could use at home. But what I really want is an evening where the girls can work alone or in groups to pass off as many Articles of Faith as they can. So the question is, how do we make that fun?

Then I came across these adorable, brilliant and creative Articles of Faith Coloring pages. You can find them HERE at ldslane.net. Seriously, I’d love to give Kari Sweeten, who designed these, a huge big hug. If you know Kari please give her one from me! She literally has solved a big problem.

Follow this LINK HERE to download 13 coloring pages plus bonus CTR coloring page.

I am going to ask all of the girls to bring their own coloring crayons, pencils or markers to the activity. I plan on having them choose one Article of Faith that they need to memorize and give them that sheet. They can then come and get more sheets as they memorize each one. I think it will be a fun way to encourage them to learn them, because I know the girls will want to collect the entire book.

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