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The 17 cent Miracle

Intrinsically she was pulled up the trail. Turning back was not an option. Just as breathing gives life, getting there gave her life. An awakening had started within her. No matter how much she tried to justify, it was something she could not shake. She was supposed make her way through the foothills towards the huge mountain. To turn away would take the very life from her soul. Nothing and no one could stand in her way. No matter how many ups, downs, twists and turns–she knew she would not give up. Her destiny was up that mountain. She couldn’t see it yet, but in her dreams she could feel it. Regardless of any rational, she knew it was time to climb.

The 17 cent Miracle

I am excited to announce my first book, The 17 cent Miracle, which will be finished later this year and submitted for publication.

A special thank you to my husband who has always believed in me and gives me strength to carry on. Who supports me by allowing me stay home each and every day to write while he works tirelessly. To my daughter who exemplifies how in life you truly can get everything you want and manifest it by walking in faith and truth of that reality which cannot be seen. To my four sons and two grandson’s who’s love fills this mom’s heart with more than enough. To my parents, sister-loves, and brothers–you have inspired this journey more than you will ever know and I am eternally grateful. To my sweet friend Heather, our kindred friendship, and how God brought us together to walk these pathways of struggles, successes, and spiritual light together. To all of my dearest friends, you know who you are, the ones I text, face book, instagram and share this journey of life with. For new friends who I haven’t met yet but we have connected in spirit and know we knew one another before {I am so blessed to have found you}. I am grateful for you all, you have each given me the strength to do what I love and to write this book. Above all, a huge thank you to my Heavenly Father for inspiring me to share this story. He has blessed me with continued strength and ingenuity as to the words which are written.

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