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I am Officially on the Fu** You Diet

fuck you diet

I left the doctor office today with a lump in my throat. I was so angry and upset I could hardly hold it together. Getting to my car couldn’t come soon enough as I held the tears back. Feeling completely defeated I dug for my cell phone, pushed Heather’s number, and listened to the phone ring several times while praying she would pick up. Luckily she did.


“Hey! I just left the doctor and I am so upset!”

“What happened?”

“I was told that I would be lucky to lose 25 pounds in a year and even luckier if I could keep it off. He also told me that the only magic pill for weight loss was the Gastric Sleeve and that there would be no way I could lose my weight without surgery.”

At this point I am pretty sure she could hear the frustration and anger in my voice. How dare he take my success from the last six weeks away from me? Removing all hope and faith I had in myself?  How dare he tell me that I could not continue to lose the weight.

“Sounds like you need to go on the Fu** You diet to me.” Heather enthusiastically chimed in. I could picture her happy countenance in my mind with her smiling bright blue eyes and cute curly blond hair.

“Yessss. That is exactly what needs to happen!” I whole-heartedly agreed while laughing. Solution given and advice taken.

What I love about my friendship with Heather is that it is empowering. She is always my go to for a positive spin and outlook. Besides, she has lost 100 pounds before and knows that it can be done and that it is absolutely achievable without surgery.

I explained how I was ticked off that I just put down a $40 copay to see a doctor with absolutely NO bedside manner. Luckily I had asked the nurse for copies of my blood work and had been comparing the old with the new, looking at numbers, for 15 minutes while waiting for him. When he entered the room he had his little laptop and started typing, not even making eye contact. He occasionally looked up to ask me a question and then back down, finger pecking at the keys. There was no concern, there was no conversation, this was a totally one-sided deal. This wasn’t about me, this was about him. His time to log my appointment during my paid time to be seen by him, a medical professional.

He did have me get up on top of the examination table and felt my lymph nodes and listened to my heart beat. That was the gist of it. What I was expecting to hear was, “Look, your A1c’s are down within normal ranges and you no longer have pre-diabetes. You have done a great job with your weight loss, so let’s continue down this path for a few months to see how it goes.” But no, nothing, not even a “atta girl” or a “congratulations”. Not even a mention of the blood work or the scale, which showed exactly those things.

However, upon closer discovery and a great talk with my bestie, I realized that this appointment wasn’t a waste of time and money. In fact, it was the opposite. Somehow, in the depths of feeling despair, it became beyond motivating to hear someone say I could not do something. It reminds me of eight years ago when my husband lost all of his weight and someone came up to him at church and said, “you better keep all your old clothes because you will gain it back”. Well, he never has. That same someone came up to me and asked, “what is wrong with Doug, is he sick or does he have cancer?” Seriously. That happened. People can be ridiculously dumb and this doctor had quickly fallen into the same category.

So THANK YOU, Dr. A** Hole. I am ever so grateful for your insight into my situation as well as being completely transparent to the fact that you are only concerned with lining your pocket-book and getting a kick back for referring yet another bariatric surgery. THANK YOU for empowering me with the motivation I need to prove you wrong. THANK YOU for giving me this gift today. I plan on visiting you again, 84 pounds from now, with a heartfelt thank you note in hand.

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  • Reply
    Jamie Owen
    May 2, 2017 at 3:52 am

    Wow…great article yet so sad! People honestly say the stupidest stuff…when we lost 2 babies I couldn’t believe what people said, then I had to remind myself that sometimes people just have no tact! HOWEVER YOU ROCK…loosing weight is hard work. Way to go!

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      May 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm

      Thank you Jamie! You are so strong and inspiring. I really admire you! xoxo

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