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How to be the Girl who Decided to GO FOR IT

Let’s talk about something serious here. Let’s talk about watching those girls who have it “going on”. You know, those girls that when you look at their social media feeds you think “Wow, that girl is on fire”. Those ladies who seemingly do it all, who have their own businesses, and who are actually making it work. These are the girls who decided to “go for it” and are DOING IT.

You want it too. You are happy for them, but you also want to be happy for you.

Here’s the thing, you can do it. You can have it. I promise, it is in all of us. But first, you have to decide to just GO FOR IT!

8 Steps on How to be the Girl who Decided to Go For It:

1. Obligation and Duty vs. Hearts Desire: Figure a few things out.

2. Choose a Path: Make some hard decisions to follow your Dream. No turning back.

3. Courage, Confidence & Believing in Yourself: You can do it, that is why it is in your heart!

4. Work, work , work, work, work: Get to work and become one of the best at doing what you are doing. Study, learn, put in the hours, do the work, earn it.

5. Do not give up: It is never an option to be sucked out to sea. If you are have a friend who believes in you by your side.

6. Be okay if you fail miserably: It hurts but opens up new doors.

7. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 & 6: Keep on going on.

8. Love going for it so you go for it even more: You realize that best part of life is found during the journey and you are filled up merely by doing what you love and going for it.

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