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How to Decorate a Tablescape


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Centerpieces and tablescapes are one of the easiest ways to set the tone and vibe in your home. Today I am going to feature some of my favorite Easter place settings and explain why they work. Duplicating this process with any theme, holiday, or event works the same. The bottom line is that decor, regardless how elaborate or simple, makes a difference in any setting. Decor has a way of making life happier, wouldn’t you agree?

What is a Tablescape? A tablescape is an arrangement of ornaments or decorations on a table top. It is a decorative expression of how you want a certain meal or event to feel. Tablescapes set the vibe for the occasion at hand, from holidays, to special events, to every day use. {Click on each photo for source}.

Color. Mix and match colors from your cupboard for daily use or choose colors that represent the holiday for seasonal use. Consider what colors are in dishes, napkins, and placemats. I suggest using three coordinating colors. It gives enough for visual interest and at the same time isn’t too complicated. Colors that ground and go with everything are white, metallics, and natural colors such as tans and browns. Tie everything together and coordinate. Even the food served can coordinate and bring out certain elements.

Layer, layer, layer. The key to any delicious place setting is in the layering. Layering takes an ordinary flat object, heightens it, and brings it to life. Try using a place mat, charger, dinner plate, salad plate, appetizer plate, or bowls. Coordinate and layer colors so each layer is set apart from the next. Don’t forget the napkin and napkin ring.

Mixing elements. Mixing elements makes for an interesting place setting. For instance, using woven or beaded placemats, a wooden charger, different styled and colored plates set upon one another, as well as coordinating napkin rings. Consider adding a table-cloth, table runner, and tie in colors from the centerpiece.

Add a bit of the unexpected. Give them something to talk about in a good way. One year I used large grapevine wreaths as chargers under my plates for Thanksgiving. It was unexpected and looked amazing. Set a wrapped gift or goodie back at each plate for a take home. Add a gratitude journal at Thanksgiving. For my daughter’s wedding I personalized her plates. Use your imagination and let your own personality shine through.

Adding a theme. Holiday place settings are the most fun. For easter add a little nest and some eggs which coordinate all of the colors used together. At Christmas add a sprig of holly and some red berries. For Thanksgiving spray paint some beautiful maple leaves gold. It doesn’t have to be expensive to add a theme. Using nature for themes is always classy. Adding a themed element makes it so you don’t have to purchase themed dishes. It is a great money saver.

Centerpieces. When putting together a centerpiece one option is to look in your cupboards and use what you have. This could be a beautiful ceramic pitcher filled with flowers, some cake stands at different heights with dessert on them, or even mason jars filled with silverware. You can add a napkin holder too or as shown above a painted tin can with a jute bow. It is economical to use what will be eaten or needs to be used in the decor. Ground the centerpiece with one of your serving trays, on a table runner, or even an extra place mat. Centerpieces look great when they flow with the same coordinating colors as the dishes used. Giving centerpieces varying heights makes for more visual interest. This can be achieved simply by using fresh flowers. It is preferable not going too high into the space, consider being able to see and talk to the person across the table.

These are my Favorite Accent Dishes that can be used for Easter through Summer as well as every day use:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope these ideas inspire your next place setting and tablescape.

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