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How to Make a Vision Board

Five years ago we were struggling, things were tough, and I had this little notebook I would write things down in from budget details to affirmations, to quotes, to goals. One day, for about thirty minutes, I wrote down everything that I wanted. All the things that would make our life better. I called it my “Page of Dreams”. I would look at that list often for a few months, but then we moved and the notebook was tucked away and not seen for years.

Fast forward to a few months ago. When we moved again I went through every single thing I owned and I found that notebook. As I flipped through it I came across that “Page of Dreams”. This is when I realized something incredible. Even though it had been the hardest five years of going through one struggle after another–EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON THAT LIST HAD BEEN ACHIEVED. Even down to purchasing a BMW just a few months prior. I had not even remembered that the very car we had purchased was written down.

When I realized this tears welled up in my eyes. I ran into the room where Doug was and showed him. We sat there with grateful hearts almost not believing what was before our eyes. Our dreams now have morphed and changed into new and different ones. But we wouldn’t have even gotten this far without those first dreams written down. When I think about it my mind is boggled at how far we have come.

How did literally EVERYTHING in that notebook come to pass? Despite troubles and hardships? Despite the fact that with what we had been going through it seemed like there would never be a way?

  • There is incredible power in writing something down that you want. Transferring it from mind to page makes it tangible and sets the intention, putting it out into the universe. This is the first step to getting what is wanted.
  • “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. This quote is from one of my favorite books. I truly believe that there are forces that we cannot see which help us achieve what we want.

Knowing the power of that page of dreams and writing down exactly what I wanted (to the finest details) I knew it was time to make new dreams come true. This time I put together a Vision Board. This is how I built mine:

  • Buy a huge frame or poster board to attach images and words. {I used framed chicken wire and attached images and words with clothes pins}. Hang this in a room where you can see it each and every day. Imagine how much more power this will have versus the “dream page” in my little notebook from five years ago which was tucked away.
  • Brain storm for 30 minutes, quickly writing down everything you want in your life. Don’t consider any boundaries or why you wouldn’t be able to get it. These are the things you don’t have but want and maybe feel like you could never get them. Don’t hold back on any dream you may have.
  • Find pictures that go along with each dream you have. Pin them on your board.
  • Type or write words with specifics and add them to your board.
  • Write down sub categories or mini goals to work on which will eventually lead you to the big goals.
  • Look at your board daily and imagine yourself living in those dreams.
  • Get to Work. It will take setting things in motion, you can’t just go to bed and instantly have what you want. The universe wants you to achieve what you want, but in order to get it you have to get out there and start doing things. You will find that the right people will come into your life and things will begin to happen. But this cannot be started without getting out there and setting these dreams in motion.
  • Meditate. There is power in meditation. This will ease stress and spark imagination and different ways to achieve what you want.
  • Don’t Give Up. Even in the hard times, don’t let anything hold you back. Little bumps in the road and even huge derailments may happen. But it is all part of the plan. These derailments are there to help steer you into the right direction. They are given to keep you on track, even though they seem like a wrench in the plan. All is ultimately for the greater good.
  • Jump into your Vision board. Some say to jump into your vision board at night. I do this while meditating in the morning, but others do this right before bed.
  • Believe. Trust in the process, let it happen, don’t give up.

Here’s to dreams, visions, and the best life possible! The following are links to a few items which make organizing your dream board, and setting goals easier. I love using my calendar and lists to help keep me on track. Best of luck.


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