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Enter to Win a Tiny House & Live Mortgage Free

Enter to win a tiny house and live mortgage free

Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead

Some people are so cool. For instance, Matt and Casey Ruthardt from Oklahoma, who are literally giving away their adorable tiny home and eight acres where they have lived mortgage free. Seriously, I’ve been inspired with some new life goals and please sign me up.

Here are a few details on this property and the contest:

The land and tiny home are located in Cogar, Oklahoma.

Were only say-in “you’re doing fine Oklahoma,
Oklahoma” Oklahoma, your GREAT!

Sorry for that, but for whatever reason every time I hear the word Oklahoma I hear the lyrics to the musical in my head. Doesn’t listening to this song make you want to live in this beautiful state?


Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. A home gardeners dream, raised garden beds.

They are giving away 8 acres of land.

The land alone sounds pretty amazing. From the sound of it this little family of four has been able to live off of it too. Imagine being mortgage free and self-sustaining. Now THAT is a concept that has been long gone for years.

8 acres, with a huge garden, lots of landscaping, chickens, and a shooting range! This little place has lots of trees and tons of potential! ~ Casey

Ruthardt Tiny Homestead

Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. The porch of dreams.

The tiny house is included for the win.

Yep, if you are the lucky winner not only do you get the land, but you get the tiny home too. Not much is said about the home itself, but from the photos it looks larger than the typical tiny home. I absolutely love the front porch and the idea that the land is an extension of the living space. Take a look inside the kitchen, living area, and loft. I have to declare that I am a huge sucker for a metal roof.

Kitchen View

Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. Hello full size stove, microwave, and fridge.

Stairs to loft

Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. Looks like a shiplap lovers dream.


Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. Cute with a capital “C”.


Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. Loads of space in the loft.

Photo Credit Instagram @RuthardtTinyHomestead. Chalkboard for the WIN.

Why is this family simply giving away everything?

This little family states that they took a leap of faith to build their little homestead and have loved every minute of it. But now they have felt that their next adventure is to go out on the road and travel. They will be schooling their two children along the way. I guess they don’t plan on coming back…hahaha. But it is pretty amazing that they have the opportunity to travel and experience life in yet another different way.

…(We plan to) seek adventure and help others along the way! We love and serve our awesome God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and plan to share our love for him with anyone that wants to hear it!!! We wanted someone to take over or little homestead and Tinyhouse who would love it as much as we have! And be able to it stress free… Mortgage free!!! ~ The Ruthardt’s

How do I enter to Win a Tiny House & Life Mortgage Free?


It looks like it is pretty easy. All one has to do is write a 200 word essay on “Why would you or someone you know like to win the Tiny House Homestead?” Looks like it has to be hand written in blue or black ink and on their form. This is not a raffle, you will pay an entry fee and the best written essay will be chosen.

To get the form click HERE. To visit the Ruthardt’s site click HERE.

To follow this family on Instagram click HERE. To follow them on FaceBook click HERE.

Still confused? Good ‘ol Matt will help clear up the questions on a video HERE.

A little more information.

Yes you can go and see this home with your own two eyes at one of their Open House Events. The next one is coming up July 1st.

Mail your valid entries to this address: Tiny House Contest, PO Box 35 Minco OK, 73059

The contest officially ends on October 16, 2017 at 11:59 p.m., CDT.

Here’s the deal. Some people do things. Really cool things. Other’s sit back and conform to the norm of society. This, my friends, tops the cool list. Imagine living mortgage free and how that would change your life. That ONE THING ALONE. Imagine not punching a time clock or doing something stressful just to make ends meet. Image THAT kind of life. Serious life goals over here!


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