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How To Make Window Cornices


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One question I always get from friends is “How do you make those window cornices?” Well, today I am sharing a little secret–How to make to easy, inexpensive, yet professional looking window cornices.

Window treatments are so important in a home. I like to think of them as significant to a room as eyebrows are to a face. They really add personality and definition to any space. I my new home I made floor to ceiling curtains in my bedroom, but had a small high window by the sitting area in my master, so taking the same fabric I made a cornice. It turned out beautifully and tied the room together.

To see my DIY Window Cornices in our Texas home click HERE.

For step by step instructions to sew curtains click HERE.

Supply List:

1.  Insulation foam core boards (only $10 per huge sheet)
2.  Wooden skewers
3.  Straight pins with “no balls” on the ends
4.  D Rings or Hardware to hang a mirror or large picture (these are expensive so I use the ones provided in the link)
5.  T-Pins and nails
6.  Large box cutter, T-square or long wooden yard stick, sharpie
7.  Fabric of your choice

diy cornice

How To Make Window Cornices:

Cut the foam core the correct size using the T-square to keep straight and a large box cutter.  It is thick and will want to cut jagged.  I learned half way through to make my cuts 3/4 deep and then bend it “snapping” the piece apart.

Cut down wooden skewers and using the pointed tip, use a hammer and nail the sides of your cornice in place.

Iron and cut fabric to size, leaving just enough to wrap around the cornice.

Lay cornice on top of flat ironed fabric and begin pinning fabric to the back of board, each pin should be 1 inch apart.  Use more if you need too and pull tight as you work your way around.  At the sides simply fold like you are wrapping a package with paper.

Option for a very long window (not shown): After your fabric is in place add one more strip of foam core to the upper cornice, using straight pins, pin it in place across the top. This adds stability so your cornice will lay up against the wall without bending.

Taking D rings and T Pins, attach the D ring by inserting T Pin at a very drastic angle. Two T Pins will be needed, going alternate directions inside of the foam. This enables the D Ring to stay securely in place.

Measure the distance for nails above the window. Since the cornice is light weight all it needs to stay secure is a simple picture hanging nail. It also becomes easy to remove and vacuum every three months to keep fabric clean from dust.

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