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The Simple Life: Creating More Time

creating time I have this super soft, fluffy, cozy, blanket on my bed. It lays in between the duvet cover and the top sheet, hardly ever seen. However, it is beautiful and goes perfectly with the decor in my bedroom. Each night when I sleep the top sheet slips out from under the mattress because of the silky fabric. This means I have to completely take the bed apart each morning to make it again. Because of this blanket, it takes at least one minute extra each day to make my bed. When I sleep at night, covered in this quilt, I inevitably wake up too hot and often spend hours trying to get back to sleep.

I started thinking about this quilt and how I am using one minute extra each day making my bed, simply because it looks nice in my room so I thought I needed to own it. This equals thirty minutes a month, six hours a year, or in twenty years it would be sixty full days and nights. The question then becomes, using this same formula, how many items in my life are like this quilt?

Often times we feel unfulfilled without the soft, fluffy, cozy blankets in life. The large home, filled to the brim with worldly items that seem to perfectly match what we think our life should look like. Like my quilt, these unnecessary items often aren’t even seen by us. They are stored inside of boxes, shoved in garages, or set on shelves which are not opened for years. The unfortunate thing is that as these things accumulate they take up a huge part of our lives and steal precious time.

Perhaps it is time to remove the extra quilts from our lives? When doing this, perhaps time will not seem to slip out from under us? Perhaps this will save us from having to completely take our lives apart time and time again as we attempt to make everything look perfect? Perhaps, in twenty years, we will have spent that saved time doing something we love? And perhaps, then having no regrets, each night we will fall fast asleep.

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