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And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

 Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Have you ever felt numb, like you are just going through the motions? It is as if the life has been sucked out of you and you are on autopilot, doing what you have to do to just get by? There is no more hope and without hope there are not dreams, and without dreams there is no ambition, and without ambition there is sadness, and with sadness there is giving up. And where there is giving up new doors cannot be seen. When doors cannot be seen you can not open the right one.

Maybe you chose a career path out of obligation instead of desire. Perhaps being responsible seemed to override going in the direction which you knew would fulfill your dreams. At the time it was a great option, a second best. However, you compromised and with each decision made you went further down a path which then seems impossible to turn around. Eventually you are so far away from your dream that you sometimes wonder if it even existed. You try to fool yourself, “I can still be happy, right?”

As you get down the road and several years have past you realize that maybe that big choice you made wasn’t the right one. The gleaming hope of what is to come and excitement for a new life has somewhat diminished. But you are determined to stay the course and finish what you have begun. There really is no turning back, you’ve invested time and money in schooling. This is your lot. You continue to try to be happy.

With gratitude you take that first job. With anticipation of being alright with this new job you soon realize that it is not going to fit the bill. It is not going to fulfill you. You realize now more than ever that you have settled. As a matter of fact, you have also settled into life. You now have children to feed, a house to pay for, and things that have to be done. There are no options this far into the journey. You stay your course, determined to make it work.

But the Universe is savvy to this. It knows you are not happy and deep down hope for change. So things begin to happen which make life even harder. Kids get sick and there are hospital bills, the car breaks down and needs new tires, there are repairs that have to be done to the house. Not long after you are laid off, only left to find another job, in the same career that you don’t really love.

But again, you are grateful for this new job and you continue on the same path. Of course there are student loans to pay, children to raise, and a feeling of obligation in each and every direction that you look. A do-over is certainly not an option. But the universe takes note.

In this next job you earn more money, making it even harder to turn away. You are grateful for your blessings, however, it is harder to move on to living a life that you wanted. That original and true dream has slowly slipped so far away that it hardly is seen. As a matter of fact, at this point, you have almost forgotten who you are. You try to be happy, but there is something missing. 

And the Universe notices, so it makes things even harder. Your job changes and find yourself at another cross-road. But look at the resume you have built. You must stay the course, it would be silly to start over again. As a matter of fact it would be absolutely irresponsible. You still have children to feed and clothe and bills to pay.

With a grateful heart another job comes and you make even more money than before. But it doesn’t really matter. You are still miserable. You’ve settled. You’ve almost completely lost sight now of any hope of feeling alive again. You have lost yourself.

The universe sees this and laughs, making things yet even more difficult. You are so miserable in your current state and so fed up with life that it makes you incredibly angry. “I’ve had enough, I cannot bear this any more!” you scream to seemingly deaf ears while despising every day and struggling to get through. But after higher education and several years into a career you are good at what you do. So good that there is no way you can turn away now.

But, the universe has been listening all along. It remembers that first intention made, that very first and ultimate dream you had as a child. As a matter of fact, you didn’t know it, but life was giving you a chance to reach for it at each and every crossroad. You were too stubborn to listen. You were too scared to make the correct move. So life kept trying to force your hand. And you see it now, it comes together and finally makes sense. You have been prepared for this very moment.

You went through struggles to strengthen you, different jobs to bring clarity, frustration to soul search, and anger to get to the place you are at right now. You suddenly realize, that at this very moment, you are only one choice away from a totally different life. And you are grateful.

 And, when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ~Paelo Coelho, The Alchemist

And this new knowledge feels good. Everything is aligned and finally there is a clear understanding of where to go and what to do. Somehow a direct path to your dreams has been made and you are ready to step forward into a life that you love. A life on your terms, a life of your dreams, a life where you actually feel like you are living. And you realize that it is what you were supposed to do all along. So you make a leap and take that first step.

And you are finally happy. The kind of happy that radiates from the inside out. The kind of happy that money can never buy. The kind of happy that makes you the richest man on earth. And you finally feel again. No more mind numbing day in and day out. There is hope, and where there is hope there are dreams, and where there are dreams there is excitement for life, and where there is excitement for life there is gratitude. Where there is gratitude, opportunity knocks. When opportunity knocks, doors open. And when doors open YOU WALK RIGHT IN. 


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