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What if I Choose the Simple Life?

choosing the simple life

What if I choose the simple life? What if I don’t want a huge home, but I want a smaller house? A home where I can sit in the same room with the people I love. A place where we have only exactly what we need, instead of a home that has rooms which are rarely entered. A home that is simple, and doesn’t allow us to collect and purchase things that are unnecessary. A home that is easy to take care of.

What if I am okay with not owning an afro romeo giulia? But I am fine owning the cars I have. What if I am fine driving them for the rest of my life? A simple way where owing the bank and payments are not necessary.

What if I don’t need to be in a high position in the church to define my worth? What if I love the simplicity of sharing and serving with the God-given talents I have. I hope that will be enough.

What if I want a simple career? A career that I get to pick. One that may not bring the riches of the world, but will allow the riches of happiness to flow in abundance. One that I get to decide when I want to work and when I don’t. One that is simple and effortless, because it is like play.

What if I don’t want my son to be involved in too many activities? I want him to experience having time to enjoy life, only doing those things that he loves the most. I want simple moments like visiting with him in his room or hanging out on the couch. What if I want more time with him here at home than having him gone? I hope I won’t have regrets.

What if I don’t want the big city life? The hustle and the bustle, running to and from. What if I crave the simple life? One where I get to go on long walks in nature or nestle up with a good book? One where solitude and simplicity is more than enough.

What if I don’t want cable television? What if I want the simple happiness of long evenings writing, visiting with my family, or turning on a favorite movie? I hope that I won’t be missing out on much.

What if I don’t want a cross fit body or to be a slave at the gym? What if I want the simplicity of doing exercise that I enjoy, like hiking a few times a week, walking the dog, and occasional yoga? What if I am okay with not being stick thin? What if I just want to be normal? What if I just want to be healthy? No more and no less.

What if I choose the simple life? One that is the ultimate sophistication because it is a reflection of desires from within. A life of entwining everything that I love, along with only what I need, into a life of my own design. A simple, organic, beautiful life.

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