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Why I Want a Small House

Why I want a small house

This week I am turning 46, or as one may say, I will officially be over the hill and headed down the opposite side. Climbing up the hill of life for the past 45 years has taught me many things. Most of these things I have learned the hard way. I have lived big, medium, and currently find myself living a bit smaller. Lately I have found myself wanting less so I can have more. This way of thinking has been quite liberating.

While on Instagram I stumbled across a pretty amazing find. A family in Oklahoma is having a contest to win their tiny house that sits on eight acres of land. All one has to do to enter is to hand-write a 200 word essay on their form and mail it to a PO Box with an entry fee.

Who will be the winner?

What story, in a mere 200 words, will win the hearts of this family, prompting them to give their most prized earthly possession away? I am reminded of the television series that aired a few years back, Extreme Make-over: Home Edition with Ty Pennington. At first the average everyday normal people were chosen. The ones that had lives like anyone else, where they struggle like everyone else, but for one lucky reason or another their story was compelling enough to be chosen. As the series went on, people applied and were found who really needed the help. Those who were disabled in one way or another. Those with allergies that could kill them, those who had tragedy or a family member had passed. Yes, these families certainly deserved the help from this show. But it eliminated someone like me and perhaps someone like you.

So what could I say that would prompt this family to choose me?

Here’s the thing. I am normal. I am average. I can work. I am not disabled. I have two hands and two legs and so does my husband. We are already very lucky and very blessed. Together we have gone through almost twenty-five years of marriage, have raised five children, all while working corporate America. We’ve had a nice beach vacation home, we’ve had a 4000 square foot house with a basketball court in the back yard. We have gone through times of having enough as well as times where we did not have enough.

The “not having enough” was always tied to our lifestyle. A big lifestyle requires a big income. I think this is why I have been noticing a lot of young people building and buying tiny houses. It just makes sense. They use them as starter homes to get on their feet and save their money rather than paying a huge portion of it to interest. But for me, a small house would be a forever home. The home of all homes. The home where I would want to stay.

You see, Doug and I do not need a tiny house, but instead we want one. We are deliberately choosing small and that fact changes everything about our why.

I want a tiny house because I realize that my life is passing me by and if I don’t stop and do something different the rest of my best years will be gone. That in order to get different results from life I need to do something different. I want a tiny house because I can work a job and earn all the money in the world but I can never recapture the time that has been spent. I want a tiny house because I no longer want to conform to what society says is the “correct” way to live. I want a tiny house because I want to do something where me, an average every day person, can feel like I am making a difference in the world. And I just can’t do that tied up inside a big house, worrying about big bills.

I do not want to take care of a huge home that is on a huge lot of grass that needs to be watered and perfectly manicured. I don’t want to play the game of keeping up with the Jones’. I don’t care if what’s his name up the street has more toys than me. I want to break free and follow my heart. You see, I have a lot of things to do, a lot of things to share with the world, and a lot of dreams to be had. Punching a time clock is not going to get me any closer to them, but owning a mortgage free tiny house will.

Imagine a life without a mortgage. Now that really opens up more options in life, doesn’t it? Imagine a life where you didn’t have to be a slave to corporate America, stuck behind a desk in a shirt and tie, and at the whim of a boss who doesn’t give a flying crap about you, your family, or your dreams. Imagine not having to miss your son’s 16th birthday party because you are expected to work late. Imagine not having to sacrifice the rest of your middle-aged years to a job you don’t particularly like in the first place.

Building a home mortgage free {or winning one} would change the course of anyone’s life. Imagine washing one sink instead of the five in your house. What about scrubbing one toilet instead of three? Cleaning 500-1000 square feet instead of 3000? Saving on furnishings and chatzki’s to fill spaces and rooms you never go into anyway. Having family time together in the same room instead of everyone separating into their own spaces. Imagine no utility bills, or if you have them, that they are next to nothing. Imagine the delight in growing your own food. Imagine freedom to travel and experiencing life on a completely different level.

Imagine the opportunity to serve community along with the time to do it. Imagine starting a new path where you start paving the way straight into your dreams, making them a reality. Having the time and means to open up the non-profit group that seemed out of reach. Building those little houses to help people get on their feet. Rescuing young girls from human trafficking. Feeding the homeless. Preaching the gospel and spreading God’s word. Imagine having the time and ability to do all those things, those things that REALLY make a difference and REALLY matter. Those experiences that touch other’s lives and live on forever. The ones that you can and will take with you when you leave this earthly existence. Because one thing is for certain, that big house, the time it takes to clean it, and all those years behind that desk won’t matter in the end. I guarantee it.

And this, my friends, is why I want a small house.

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  • Reply
    May 30, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    Bless you from the bottom of our hearts… Read this to my family tonight and yku brought us all to tears! We are so blessed to be on this journey!!! Thank you fur expressing it like this!!! It’s beautiful!!!

  • Reply
    Gail Smith
    September 26, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    God has blessed me several times. I have had cancer, Pancretitis and triple bypass. I keep asking him why I am still here. I have lost my job recently and I know the Lord is there to pick me up. I have been praying for a place of my own. My children are grown and it is only Chiwee (my dog) and myself. Since I first saw the tiny houses I have prayed I could win, since I can’t afford one.

    • Reply
      Amylia Coover
      September 26, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      Gail, Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. I hope you have written your essay and entered the tiny house contest. You sure deserve a win. Sending cyber hugs, my friend. xo

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