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Change Your Life By Changing Your Tribe

Amy Poehler Quote

Graphic Designed by QC HERE. “I want to be around people who do things. I don’t want to be around people that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people who dream, and support, and do things.” ~ Amy Poehler

THIS is one of my favorite quotes. Amy Poehler I freakin’ love you! The day I first read this I thought, YESSS this is ME!!! {see another favorite quote HERE}

Change your life by changing your tribe.

We all have those energy suckers in our lives. The friends who call just to talk about other people and expect for you to chime in. Or the friends who you talk about yourself to, only to find out that they call everyone and tell them your things. I have been caught up in this. It is a horrible, ugly, place to be. In fact, it is absolutely no way to live. It keeps one in a very low vibration. Participating in these sorts of conversations halts personal progression on many levels. It leaves one feeling guilty, depressed, angry, and sooner or later, alone.

I began to grow savvy to this type of person as I worked in the corporate world with dozens of women. It didn’t take long, after sitting back and listening, to figure out who I would never tell anything personal about myself to. Who the person was with the big mouth. The people who talked bad about almost everyone; the same one who I was sure was talking badly to everyone about me too.

I also had a close friend like this. A few years in, I found out she was doing it to me too. I felt the sting of being stabbed in the back and it hurt. I promised myself when I moved that I would never be a victim to this way of life again. {See Dear Best Friend} It was during this pivotal time that I decided to be proactive and very selective of whom I would allow in my “inner circle”. Of who I would tell my private things {if anyone at all}. I was done. Done with people with the need to give themselves a personal boost by petty gossip. Finished with two-faced people who pretended to like me. And most of all, because I was not completely innocent, I was finished with ever finding myself guilty of being like that again.

This is when I noticed something amazing. A few months into this intentional change, my life had a shift. When people began speaking of others I found myself disconnecting and choosing not to be a part of it. I found myself politely changing the subject. And I found myself sticking up for people. It felt amazing. It felt empowering. It is just the right thing to do and the right way to be.

When I stopped being a part of talking about people I could feel my vibration rise and found the ability to steer my life in a very positive direction. I found the capability to begin to do things I had always wanted to do. I discovered that I had the aptitude to make my dreams come true. Soon after, I found myself being drawn to and talking to people doing wonderful things. This led to making amazing friendships with other women who were working on personal goals, achievements, and who were also reaching for their dreams.

Amylia Coover Quote

“Not talking badly of others exemplifies the best and most beautiful kind of self-confidence.” ~Amylia Coover

These new friendships have led to deep, meaningful, and positive conversations about self. About lessons learned in business, and about striving for the next successes. You see, the people in my life are doing things. Cool things. We love and support one another and don’t feel the need to bring other’s down for the sake of making ourselves feel better. It is such a beautiful positive way to live. It is freeing, knowing there is never going to be a worry that someone would hear something negative I have said or have bad feelings toward me. Because there just won’t be anything to hear. Because there certainly will be nothing said.

If I could change anything about my life it would be discovering that I had the strength and ability to choose my kind of tribe years ago. I have found that not talking badly of others exemplifies the best and most beautiful kind of self-confidence. Doing this one thing has led directly to success in all areas of my life. And that, my friends, is a beautiful place to be.

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    Vicki Nelson
    June 8, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    Oh, those gossiping energy suckers. Why is it so hard to let go? But once we do, you’re right, our lives get so much better. Thank you for sharing this.

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