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We Will Never, Ever Be Alone

Just as fierce as we love our newborn babe, Heavenly Father loves us. Just as we would never leave our baby alone, He will never leave us.

When I was a little girl I was taught fear. Fear of Satan, fear of going to Hell, fear of not being worthy, fear of not having the Spirit with me, and fear that I wouldn’t be worthy of blessings. Fear that Heavenly Father would leave me alone if I went into places or put myself in positions which were questionable. Fear of being forever lost in the afterlife, separated from my family and everyone I loved. I was taught judgement instead of love. That I and everyone else had to be perfect or we were not worthy of His love.

This way of thinking leaves one feeling worthless. It leaves parents feeling devastated. It promotes unrighteous judging of others and grows the inability to love unconditionally. It prevents the ability to forgive, to repent, and to grow. It goes against the very reason that Christ atoned for us.

What I presently believe.

I have replaced these fears with faith. Faith that if I am worthy and entitled to a wonderful life and as well as afterlife. Knowledge that I am responsible for my choices and make these choices based on faith instead of fear. Faith that I am extremely loved and blessed each and every day. The blessings I receive are so abundant and overflowing that I have enough to bless other lives as well. I have faith in eternal families despite of individual choices. Most of all, that Heavenly Father is with me always, especially in those times that I need Him most.

Consider a Shepherd watching over his flock. If one of his sheep starts wandering off, does he go after it? Does he say, “He had his chance, I will let him be lost forever?”. No. He goes after him, finds him, and brings him back to safety. We would do the same with our own child and Heavenly Father does the same for us.

Christ loved the sinner. He hung out with normal people like you and like me. He chose to love people for their potential and saw that in each of them. He did not judge, talk behind backs, or raise himself up on a pedestal to make them look or feel less. He was and still is the perfect example.

In fact, Christ loved us so much, that He died for each and every one of us. Will we feel alone? Yes, there will be times when this will happen, but He is always there. When on the cross Christ himself called out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

“…a perfect Father did not forsake his Son in that hour. Indeed it is my personal belief that in all of Christ’s mortal ministry the Father may never have been closer to His Son than in these agonizing final moments of suffering.” – Elder Holland

Feeling that you are unloved and left alone is the most devastating path to walk down. There will be times that one will feel alone, but it is certainly not because Heavenly Father has left us. Perhaps it is because we have stepped aside momentarily or turned ourselves away, making it difficult to feel His presence. Other times it can be because we are going through so much physical pain or sorrow that we can’t feel Him. He loves us unconditionally and is always there. Nothing we do will ever change that fact.

Heavenly Father’s love does not have to be earned and we do not have to be perfect to deserve it. When we are suffering and hurting, He, along with angels, work through the night to administer to us. They prepare roads and avenues, setting them in our paths, to bring us peace and happiness. He is never annoyed, disgusted, or impatient with us. His mercy never ends and His love always remains the same. We will never, ever be alone.

As Sure As The Sun by Ellie Holcomb

I love the words to this song and the message given. It brings me peace when I hear it and hope that it will bring you the same.

There is good news
There is good truth
That you could never change
No matter what you do
You are loved
More than you know
More than you could hope for
After everything you’ve done

As sure as the sun will rise
And take away the night
His mercy will not end
His mercy will not end

There is good news
There’s a promise
That no matter where you go
You will never be alone
In the dark
In the doubting
When you can’t feel anything
Oh, His love remains the same

As sure as the sun will rise
And take away the night
His mercy will not end
His mercy will not end

Even through the night
Silver stars will shine
Hope of glory’s light
That will wake us once again

As sure as the sun will rise
And take away the night
As sure as the sun will rise
His mercy will not end
His mercy will not end

Ellie Holcomb

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