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How To Make Window Cornices DIY Video Tutorial

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The number one question I get from friends is “How to make window treatments”. Window treatments take a room from drab to fab. When purchased they can be quite expensive. However, when making them they can be very economical. Window cornices are one of my favorite window treatments.

The following is a tutorial on how to make inexpensive window cornices. To see still photos of this project visit HERE.

Supply List:

1.  Insulation foam core boards (only $10 per huge sheet)
2.  Wooden skewers
3.  Straight pins with “no balls” on the ends
4.  D Rings or Hardware to hang a mirror or large picture (these are expensive so I use the ones provided in the link)
5.  T-Pins and nails
6.  Large box cutter, T-square or long wooden yard stick, sharpie
7.  Fabric of your choice

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please follow me on Instagram @quitecontemporary for more DIY tutorial videos posted to my story.

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