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The 17 cent Miracle – Book Release Coming Soon

17 Cent Miracle

“Some day we will find what we are looking for. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll find something much greater than that.”

They say that they journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. What they don’t say is that you will never be prepared to take that first step. Sometimes the first step is forced or miraculously, against all odds, simply falls into place, never seeing it coming.

Somehow in the midst of the day in and day out drudgeries of life you know that there is more out there. Maybe you don’t know what it is, but deep down you know that the journey awaits, and that it must be traveled. It starts with a feeling that there is something more to your life, that something is missing or out of place, perhaps an inkling that something is off. It is a feeling you cannot shake nor deny. It begins with an awakening of the soul so to speak. A sudden innate realization that you were born to do more, but for it to happen you will need to change—and therein lies the problem.

Sometimes you don’t know how to make these changes, often times, due to a fear that blinds, options that may be staring you in the face aren’t even considered. Other times you can see, but don’t have the strength or the fortitude to take that first step. For some, unfortunately, these reasons will always hold them back and they may never walk into their divine purpose. However, for a few chosen, and beyond all reasoning, the heavens align in unforeseen and miraculous ways, orchestrating the changes necessary which then simply fall into place.

This delivery may present itself in the form of a trail, rocking the foundation of everything that is known and makes sense. This is the exact time when the stars align in the universe and you will find yourself sitting directly at a crossroad of decision. There is an undeniable awakening of the soul and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the time has come, to move forward or turn away.

It is in that moment that you realize that the reason you could never plan for this first step is because it really isn’t a step at all, but rather a leap. This leap of faith is the necessary component of the equation that had been missing. So, beyond all human reasoning and with vigorous strength you never knew you had, you make that first decision that redirects all other decisions.

As you jump forward, the momentum of this first leap catapults you into uncharted territory. In a direction which will now effect every other aspect of your life. It is crazy, faith-filled, destination unknown, what do I do next, type of jump. There is no going back now because you have leapt, but this is a good thing. And so it begins, your journey of a thousand miles, your journey to fulfill your divine mission, your journey of the soul…

~Amylia Coover

About the Book:

This book is a culmination of a journey traveled over the past five years. A journey of hardships, tears, laughter, and love that turned my world upside down and spit me out where I had nowhere else to go but forward into unknown territory. This became a new reality where dreams were fought for. A reality where setbacks became comebacks. A reality where giving up was not an option combined with the realization that the journey is often the best part of living. For once on this uncharted road everything counts. The journey becomes part of the destination, for without it, one would never arrive.

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