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Getting Through the Fog in Life

Over twenty years ago I dreamt I was driving down the road and my car was full of children’s laughter. I felt an abundance of happiness and joy in my heart. As I pulled to the side of the road to park, I looked over my shoulder and into the back seat. There sat three little boys in a row, laughing and with smiles on their faces. The littlest had gotten out of his seat belt, stood up, stepped forward, and began asking me something. “Mom…”

His voice faded in the distance as I woke with a start. I remember laying there, trying to go back to sleep so I could finish the dream, but was unsuccessful. The happiness I felt in the dream, the three boys, wondering what the littlest boy was saying to me–it was a dream that I didn’t want to end.

Unfortunately some things do come to an end. For instance, my first marriage. And just like waking up from that dream, the beauty in my life seemed to come to an end. Trials in life can either elevate you to a better place, or if allowed, can drag you further under.

Jordan, my first little boy, my reason to move forward.

When a trail first hits a covering of fog can settle over life and seem to slow everything down. Every painful moment is felt with intensity and only what is right in front of you can be seen. A feeling that life is over and there is no way to move forward, like a thick cloud, can easily envelope and take over.

Fog is really just mist, a collection of tiny drops of water. These tiny droplets of water fall very slowly and as a result reduce visibility, making a move forward scary, as if entering the unknown. Even when turning on bright lights it seems to get worse. Fear can overcome faith when unable to clearly see even the first step along the road that lies ahead.

Going through a trial is like driving through thick fog. One can decide to sit in the fog, stay in bed, huddle on the couch, unable to make a move. At first turning on lights, prayer, and seeking help just makes the fog more dense. But here is the truth about fog, even the slightest wind or air turbulence will offset the low speed of these tiny droplets of water. 

The forward motion of walking in faith is the surest way to quickly offset the fog. Often times these first movements are destination unknown and as simple as taking the courage to get out of bed. Yet they ultimately cause the necessary turbulence to begin healing, and over time, to seeing clear vision of the road ahead.

Just as there is opposition in all things, the greatest sorrows can be replaced with the greatest joys. The surest way to make any dream a reality is to walk the unseen path. Walking in faith, down that unlit road, and doing those things that will ultimately get you where you want to be–even when walking blindfolded–will be the hardest thing you ever have done. However, somehow, in the fog of life, we find our true direction.

Then one day, as if you never lost sight, you will find yourself driving a car filled with laughter.

Suddenly, police lights flash behind you. When pulling to the side of the road you look over your shoulder and into the back seat.

There sit three little boys all in a row, with sweet smiles on their faces, the youngest is out of his seatbelt and steps forward to ask you something. 

As the officer walks up to the window, this little two year old, inquisitively questions, “Mom, are we going to peanut butter and jailey?”

Everyone laughs. And in that moment, you realize you are living your dream.

For those who are wondering–the above is a true story. I was pulled over because my littlest son, Jacob, had unbuckled himself and was standing up in the back seat. It was in this moment that I remembered the dream I had long before, right before going through one of the hardest things I had ever done. I must say, looking back, that life has a way of making those hard times up. Feeling intense sorrow makes it even more possible to feel intense joy. Life is a beautiful journey. 

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