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5 Steps to Achieving the Miracle of True Gratitude

5 Steps to Achieving True Gratitude

I know, I know, we are all grateful.

But have you ever felt gratitude at its core? The type of gratitude that fills your inner being with such magnitude it is impossible to contain? The type of gratitude that burst from the seams and reaches out, affecting every aspect of your life?

This is the type gratitude that changes everything. This is the gratitude that enables manifestation into your life. This kind of gratitude facilitates clarity and abundance. This kind of gratitude is the most important key to success.

I used to think I was grateful, and I was, but only on the surface. In reality I was saying it, but I was not feeling it. There is a huge difference. Over several years of having my gratitude tried and desperately searching for joy during one blow after another, I discovered that difference. It was at that moment where everything changed in my life. I began living a life of abundance and attracting things into my life during the hardest and most difficult trials. Furthermore during those trials I was the happiest that I have ever been. It was at that time that I discovered what I term “true gratitude”.

5 Steps to Achieving the Miracle of True Gratitude

  • Gratitude Journal. Write down what you are grateful for onto a blank page, even if you find that you are not grateful for much at the time. This allows you to really think hard about what “else” you are grateful for.
  • Prayer and Meditation. Begin each day with intense prayer. I add the word intense because changing the way you pray also changes the way you live. Consult with your Father, instead of you consulting Him. Spend ten minutes a day in silent meditation, truly letting go of all stresses and negativity.
  • Turn Negative to Positive. What you focus on expands. Simply put, focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Change your Thoughts. Life is an echo, what you put out into the world will come back to you. Therefore, change your thoughts, even if you have to force it at first. This becomes second nature if you allow the process to take place.
  • Change your Tribe. This is one of the hardest things to do. But, we are heavily impacted by those around us. If there is someone who is pulling you down, perhaps it is time to make a decision about how much influence you will allow them to have in your life.

Five years ago my husband and I faced a time where we were both unemployed. Trying to find gratitude and hope in our situation I kept a little notebook on my nightstand where I would record daily things I was grateful for. Some days this seemed like an impossible task. However, the more I wrote, the more would come to mind. Believe me, it was a slow process.

One evening my husband and I wrote down exactly what our hopes and dreams were. Taking care to write specifics down of exactly what we wanted. I must admit that we were so far away from having any of it that it was laughable. And we did laugh. Here we were, twenty years into marriage, only to find ourselves starting over. Soon after writing these things down, a move was imminent. As time went on and over the course of those five years that little notebook was packed away and forgotten.

Not long ago, after relocating to a new home, I was going through boxes that had been tucked away for those five years. Inside I found that little notebook that once rested on my nightstand. I opened it up to discover that every single item on our list had manifested its way into our lives. Even down to the BMW of my husbands dreams–minus two facts, it did not have the front bumper he wanted and we had financed half of the purchase price.

How did this happen? During the hardest and most trying five years of our marriage? I had read the book The Secret and watched the movie years before. I understood the concept but I can honestly say the full understanding was somewhat lost to me. But now I was a true believer. The single thread of truth was that these things were manifested only by living in a vibration of true gratitude.

My story continues…

Not long after finding that little notebook, something devastating happened to that BMW. We were driving and out of nowhere someone hit us almost head on. This wreck not only smashed our car, but we would soon discover that the insurance was totaling our beautiful BMW.

Too disappointed to walk away from our little BMW dream, we purchased back the salvaged title, licked our wounds, and parked it in the garage. After some time and orchestrating of what I term gratitude miracles–our little BMW dream car was beautifully mended AND is now complete with the bumper we had first envisioned. Maybe the most amazing manifestation of all is that this BMW is now 100% owned–with no bank loan.

And today, my story continues with even more miracles of gratitude.

Why am I telling you this? Because it takes failures to really FEEL gratitude. It takes the shut doors and feeling lowest of lows to truly feel and recognize the opposite. The truth is, that these disappointments and failures are happening to manifest what you want into your life, if you only change your perspective, feel true gratitude for what you do have, and allow the process to happen.

If you are at a point in life where it is hard to feel grateful for much of anything, then I want to tell you that YOU are just the type of person that will be able feel gratitude at its fullest capacity. You are exactly the type of person who has the ability to eventually manifest anything you want into your life.

Don’t give up. Experience daily the miracles of feeling true gratitude in your life.


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