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DIY Gold Dipped Leaf Garland


Continuing to simplify my life, this year I eliminated over half of my Fall decor by deciding to decorate with a leaf and pumpkin theme. This included donating a few of my fave Halloween items too. The amazing thing is that after I dropped off the bins at Goodwill it was like a weight off of my shoulders. Because, you know, lifting those bins back up into the attic after each season is pretty heavy on the shoulders…{ha ha}

Confession: I am in a strange mood so you never know what might come out while typing this tutorial today. Another confession: I may just be strange. The verdict is still out on this subject.

Back to the point of the post…there isn’t much I would have done different as far as this craft goes–save for ONE THING. In hind site I should have bought white leaves. Note to self: silk leaves are a pain to paint. Truth: these may have taken five to six coats of chalk paint to come out Amylia approved. Good thing chalk paint dries in a flash.

This craft is so easy it will knock your socks off. I should know, my socks were directly taken off when I began this project. No, but seriously, I am always amazed at how much making decor for my home is therapy. The stress of life rolls off of my shoulders and I remember that creating anything is definitely a happy place. You can follow me on Instagram @amyliacoover as I always post what I am making along with DIY Tutorials to my daily story.

Leaf Garland Gold Dipped

Supply List:

White Silk Leaves or Colored Leaves

White Chalk Paint (or not, depending on the leaves you purchase)

Mod Podge

Paint Brush

Fine Gold Glitter {I love the champagne color}

White and Gold Twine

Gold clothespins

Hot Glue Gun and Glue {optional}

DIY glitter dipped leaf


{this craft will take two hours start to finish, one hour if you do not paint the leaves}

  • Step 1: Paint Leaves with white chalk paint {or buy white leaves}.
  • Step 2: Using Mod Podge and small paint brush, cover the ends where you want the gold glitter.
  • Step 3: Pour fine gold glitter onto glue and shake off extra.
  • Step 4: Mod Podge glue on the front side of small clothespins & glitter.
  • Step 5: Hang twine onto mantle. I tie a knot on each end and use a dab of hot glue to keep secure. At the end of the season it peels off with no trouble and I never have to worry about having a hole in my mantle.
  • Step 6: Beginning with the middle leaf and then the end leaves, clothespin the leaves onto the twine, making sure they are evenly spread apart.
  • Step 7: Step back and enjoy!

I use a small dab of hot glue to secure garlands to my mantle.

glitter leaf dipped garland

And there you have it! If you enjoyed this tutorial PLEASE share the LOVE by posting the link on social media or pinning on Pinterest.

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