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Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. by Kim Anderson

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When I began reading Kim’s book my mind flashed back twenty-five years ago to college. I was in a huge auditorium easily filled with one hundred other students. The professor stood on the stage below, hooked up to a microphone, laser pointer in hand, and a large projector screen behind her. Economics 101 was displayed on the screen. The first topic? Opportunity Cost. Not far into the lesson, a student began to sneeze uncontrollably. It was a high-pitched, try to hold in the sneeze, but can’t hold it in, type of sneeze. It went on and on. The sneeze would not stop. There was a lot of laughter and even the professor had to pause several times and began laughing.

I guess I could use those disruptive crazy sneezes as an excuse as why I didn’t take that lesson to heart. But the truth is, this was a lesson that didn’t seem to apply to my life as I went from poor starving student to gainfully employed family. The problem with not heeding those important lessons are that thoughtless spending and instant gratification will eventually catch up to you. Well, at least it did for me. And when it did, well, it was a painful process to go through.

The “real” factor with Kim and her story was just what I needed to immediately step up my money game.

The thing is, that these are lessons I have learned time and time again. Through different phases in my life I come to a point where I reach for yet another book to fine tune my skills {or rather lack of}. Each time I do this, I discover that I am better at playing the money game. One thing I have learned is, at the end of the day, just as Kim says– every decision hinges upon opportunity cost. Because the fact is that those small decisions are the things which ultimately kill a budget.

You could say that Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. came into my life at just the right time. I’m not going to lie, I have done all the Dave Ramsey budgets and books a few years ago. I’ve listened to and read most of Suze Orman’s books. But what this book has is something that those do not.

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. provides a unique spin and an intimate connection with Kim’s life during a very pivotal time. Of someone exactly like me. Someone who has felt the intense pain of morphing from two incomes to one. Someone who has gone through all the hard parts of that process and is not only willing to share her story, but offers her knowledge to help you do the same.

Kim sits down with you, opens up her life, and shares her deepest parts and biggest dreams. The dirty money parts that no one ever wants to talk about. You can tell it comes from a place of wanting to help make your life better. The “real” factor with Kim and her story was just what I needed to immediately step up my money game.

Kim touches on subjects like “pressure to loan money”, which is something that I really struggle with. I am a giver and often give at the expense of my own future. This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way and one that I needed to hear again.

If you are looking for a heart to heart with someone just like you, who has played the money game and won, then this book is for you. It motivates you to start today to not only dream for the life you want, but provides the tools you need to walk directly into it. Besides, if Kim and her husband could do what they did on one income, which is a normal every day American budget, then by using her plan we all can too.

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    October 3, 2017 at 9:46 am

    Thank you for sharing this! I LOVE Kim Anderson and was curious about her book, but I normally follow her blogging stuff, not her financial stuff. I’ll definitely look into this book (after I finish the rest of my reading list, whomp whomp ;))

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