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My Christmas Letter

It has been five years since I sent out Christmas cards with newsletters. It wasn’t that I didn’t think of my friends, family and loved ones. It wasn’t that I didn’t care. It was just that life kept happening and I could not bring myself to do it. The shinning card with the huge newsletter saying that everything was terrific. Because, it wasn’t. The hard truth was that we have been going through some really life-changing and difficult times and none of them seemed to belong on a glittery embossed card signed the Coover’s.

Gone were the days of buying stockings for five kids that were three feet tall. Shoving them full of all the fun trimmings and trappings with the excitement that was to come on Christmas morning. That Christmas magic that happens when a small child opens the perfect gift that makes them beam from head to toe. As a matter of fact, gone were Christmas’ where all of our kids would be together again. And it hurt. I found myself suffering a loneliness that was undeniable, especially at Christmas.

Hello was me ruining Christmas by spending more than we should have, only to have to return most of it to pay for a son’s college tuition. Hello was me learning hard lessons, about finding the Christmas spirit in other things rather than a plethora of presents given. Hello was me, a grown woman, learning again {and again} that the Christmas spirit has nothing to do with giving a gift I can’t afford, but has everything to with so much more.

However, through the past five years something magical has happened. I rediscovered the magic of Christmas that I once felt as a young girl. I found it in the silent and still moments. Those moments while looking into the nativity and the lights of the Christmas tree. The moments when I allowed myself to get lost in the thoughts of a wee babe being born in a stable and laid inside a manger in the most of meek and humble circumstances. And in the belief that this babe is indeed Christ, our Savior and King.

It was in those silent moments that something beautiful happened to my soul. My heart was healed as I knew it to be true. That Christ came to earth to save us. To give us the most unexpected and beautiful gift and it doesn’t cost a penny. In fact, it is given freely to all.

So this Christmas, as I sit alone in my bedroom tonight, I feel the warmth of Christ’s boundless love, as I find joy in the small and simple things. If your heart hurts, you are sad, or lonely this Christmas, I invite you to do the same. To feel the peace that fills your soul when opening up your heart to Christ and letting him in.

PS Yes, this is my Christmas letter, maybe I will mail one next year.

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